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Operation Fistula Launches Visualize Gender Equality

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Operation Fistula, a non-profit organization (NGO) working to end obstetric fistula for every woman, everywhere, and long-term Exasol partner, is set to launch a new project called Visualize Gender Equality, together with the Tableau Foundation and #MakeoverMonday. The initiative is set to launch on the 8th March, International Women’s Day.

“Obstetric fistula only happens in places where systems fail women and girls. Because of this, its existence is a profoundly effective indicator of systemic failure and gender inequality,” said Seth Cochran, CEO and founder of Operation Fistula. “This is why we are launching Visualize Gender Equality. We want to ignite a data advocacy effort with the power to not only raise awareness of extreme gender inequality, but also catalyze global action to end it. We are really excited to see what we, the global Tableau community, and our partners at Tableau, Makeover Monday, and Exasol, can achieve together.”

Visualize Gender Equality will be known as “Viz5” because the work is explicitly connected to UN Sustainable Development Goal 5: achieve gender equality and empower all women and girls. #Viz5 – as it will be known on social media – will mobilize the power of the #MakeoverMonday and Tableau community, to visualize 12 data sets, over 12 months. These data sets will feature 12 topics, curated to present different thematic areas of gender inequality. Collectively, these data sets and visualizations will tell the story of where gender inequality is at its most extreme.

Exasol’s Eva Murray and #MakeoverMonday are providing the platform to host and support Visualize Gender Equality. The visualizations produced through this initiative will serve as advocacy tools and awareness raising artefacts, and drive data-driven insights for anyone working to end gender inequality.

“Operation Fistula is supported throughout the year by Exasol, #MakeoverMonday, and the Tableau Foundation. I love working with the team at Operation Fistula and I really believe in their mission,” said Eva Murray Head of BI and Tableau Evangelist at Exasol. “Thanks to the existing Tableau community and those who regularly engage in #MakeoverMonday, we expect hundreds of participants to come together to make a difference through the #Viz5 initiative. I can’t wait to see what our global community can achieve with their collective ideas, creativity, empathy, and data expertise.”

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About Operation Fistula

Operation Fistula is on a mission to end fistula for every woman, everywhere.

They do this by:

  1. Working to end fistula in specific geographical locations.
  2. Harnessing technology to trigger collaboration.
  3. Directing funding where the need is greatest.
  4. Mapping causes of fistula and working to Visualize Gender Equality.

To find out more about Operation Fistula’s mission, and their work, visit:

Join us as we work to visualize a more equal world!