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Optiv Security Doubles Down On Client Success with New Services Approach, Business and Engagement Model; Further Advances Ability to Help Global Clients Optimize, Integrate and Operationalize Cybersecurity

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While industries are being completely reinvented at an ever-accelerating
pace, the overall approach to cybersecurity has not similarly evolved to
address the new security challenges presented by rapid digital
transformation. Talent shortages, expanding attack surfaces, and
constant breaches are all symptoms of an unnecessarily complex and
inefficiently constructed cybersecurity world. Optiv
, a global cybersecurity integrator delivering end-to-end
cybersecurity solutions, today announced it has implemented a new
cybersecurity services approach, business and engagement model that
transforms the way cybersecurity is consumed and applied. Optiv’s
innovative approach is specifically designed to deliver to organizations
integrated cybersecurity solutions that address the speed of business
change, by providing new consumption and outcome-based consulting
services and cybersecurity solutions that ultimately achieve higher
performance and reduced overall operational costs.

Specifically, the company is launching the following to more tightly
align its breadth of capabilities and client-centric approach, to bring
to market more focused global cybersecurity solutions that encompass
people, process and technology.

  • Newly launched Global Services and Operations Organization –
    Optiv has redesigned its services approach centered on client-focused
    outcomes and is delivering global capabilities to assist clients along
    their cybersecurity journeys. The company’s breadth of services
    addresses the full lifecycle of client security needs – with newly
    launched business lines for Advisory, Integration & Innovation, and
    CyberOperations – providing global clients with the required focus and
    scale to execute on full end-to-end cyber risk, cyber digital and
    cybersecurity projects and programs.
  • Cyber-as-a-Service (CaaSTM) Platform
    designed to ensure organizations benefit from fully-integrated
    solutions that scale on-demand with business needs and automatically
    adapt to shifting business requirements. This approach enables Optiv
    to deliver complex and integrated solutions with an innovative
    integrated technology stack focused on client outcomes. Optiv’s new
    CaaSTM offerings can be consumed alone, or combined with
    Optiv’s advisory, integration or managed services to harden security
    fundamentals across four critical areas of modern business risk:

    • Risk management and compliance, including resilience and assurance;
    • Cyber digital transformation, including cloud, orchestration,
      automation and big data;
    • Threat management, including protection, detection and response;
    • Identity and data management.
  • Global Services Demand (GSD) Organization – Coordinating Partner
    and Teaming Delivery Model
    – Optiv created GSD to provide clients
    with the optimal mix of centralized oversight and buying power, and
    localized technical resources and expertise. This new engagement model
    also brings together a seasoned team of regionally-focused senior
    technical services executives to give clients an important engagement
    layer atop Optiv’s more than 1,300 deeply skilled and specialized
    cybersecurity delivery practitioners. These executives serve as global
    coordinating partners for our clients, acting as a single point of
    accountability to drive excellence for complex end-to-end
    cybersecurity services and solutions.

“After more than 40 years since the first virus was launched, the
approach to addressing cybersecurity issues has followed the same action
and response formula. The challenge is that the world has changed, while
the approach to cybersecurity has not kept pace,” said Chad Holmes,
chief services and operations officer. “Industries are being completely
reinvented – through digital transformation, cloud and data models,
Artificial Intelligence (AI), globalization and much more – while
cybersecurity gaps expand as symptoms of a historical approach to a new
and different business model.”

Holmes continued, “Our new Cyber-as-a-Service consumption model, which
we are launching based on client feedback and to meet growing market
demand, strongly complements our traditional services model. It enables
clients to have a choice in their cybersecurity consumption model, and
thereby transform their organizational cybersecurity approach, while
benefiting from the same cloud economics that have been used to
transform entire industries. This custom developed, innovative and
integrated approach provides organizations with increased flexibility
and choice in how they procure cybersecurity – from standalone tools to
integrated solutions – addressing complex security problems and
delivering better alignment to unique business requirements. Optiv is
extremely excited to bring to market our new Cyber-as-a-Service,
integrated business services and client engagement models, that will
increase our ability to provide clients with the right global resources
at the right time so that we can truly serve their best interests.”

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