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OptraHEALTH Collaborates with Microsoft Azure to Serve Genomic Health Industry with the Launch of “GeneFAX™ Pro”

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OptraHEALTH® today announced that GeneFAX™, a conversational Genetic ChatBOT platform powered by Microsoft Azure AI, is now available as GeneFAX™ Pro on Microsoft Azure Marketplace, an online store providing applications and services for use on Azure. The availability of GeneFAX™ Pro on Azure Marketplace will benefit genetic testing providers for their DTC as well as Diagnostics tests.

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GeneFAX: Digital Navigator for Genetic Testing (Graphic: Business Wire)

GeneFAX: Digital Navigator for Genetic Testing (Graphic: Business Wire)

GeneFAX™ Pro is an AI-powered HIPAA compliant, knowledge platform for genetic health with BOT interfaces and has three modules: ChatBOT, KnowledgeBOT and QuizBOT. This new-gen AI platform is suitable for educating patients, qualifying their interest in various genetic tests, patient consenting, family triaging and pre-test counseling. “KnowledgeBOT” is a compilation of more than 450,000 Q&As pertaining to Genomics and Genetic Testing. GeneFAX™ has Natural Language Processing (NLP) framework to interpret and query GeneFAX™ knowledgebase using 65 million ontological records pertaining to diseases, drugs, biological entities, chemicals, clinical ontologies, etc. GeneFAX™ “QuizBOT” is one of the first AI tools to educate and assess pre-test readiness of any patient in compliance with ACOG, NCCN guidelines in a conversational way using Quiz format.

GeneFAX™ “CounselorConnect™” provides easy connectivity with 75+ telegenetic counselors to get questions answered in real-time. GeneFAX™ caters to a number of genetics panel such as Non-invasive Prenatal Testing (NIPT), Carrier Screening, Hereditary Cancer Screening, Newborn Screening, just to name a few. GeneFAX™ application’s presence in Azure Marketplace will allow customers to benefit from access to information of such genetics panel, for example, anytime and anywhere.

“There are more than 25 million genetic tests conducted every year – and that number is doubling yearly – while there are only 10 genetic counselors per million population. To avoid long waits to speak with human counselors, patients are turning to random online searches to get questions answered, which only results in more confusion for the obvious reasons. Physicians are also looking for ways to educate patients on appropriate genetic tests. OptraHEALTH has invented GeneFAX™ to address this dilemma for patients as well as physicians. We are proud to be a market leader for ‘AI in Genetic Health’ and look forward to increasing our reach using Azure Marketplace,” said Dr. Gauri Naik, Founder & Chief Executive Officer, OptraHEALTH. “This collaboration will dramatically enhance our reach in conversational AI services offered in the genetic health industry,” she added further.

“Azure helps OptraHEALTH deliver solutions that enable customers to focus more on their patients and less on managing servers,” said David Houlding MSc CISSP CIPP, Director Healthcare Experiences, Cloud + AI at Microsoft Corp. “The GeneFAX™ solution addresses a variety of issues related to the healthcare industry and enables customers to take advantage of the flexibility and enterprise-grade reliability Azure provides.”

Azure Marketplace helps connect companies seeking innovative, cloud-based solutions with partners who have developed solutions that are ready to use. The availability of GeneFAX™ Pro on Azure Marketplace shall help customers to use genetic information on the go.

About OptraHEALTH®:

OptraHEALTH® is focused on improving outcomes for consumers and leading Life Sciences and Healthcare organizations by utilizing our next-generation Artificial Intelligence Platform. OptraHEALTH’s flagship product GeneFAX™ is an AI-powered Knowledge Platform for Genetic Health and is available as a Web Plugin or Mobile application.

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