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Orange County Startup Gocious Releases Software to Help Companies Manage Product Complexity

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Gocious has launched powerful software that introduces new methods and simplified modeling for product planners and managers to strategically analyze product features during the concept, research, and analysis phases of the product life cycle.

Supporting anything from cars to smartphones, Gocious builds digital tools and spaces for teams that produce configurable products. They provide tools to help product decision-makers, planners, and managers collaborate, analyze, communicate, and make feature decisions. Gocious enables them to select the best features and product lines to introduce to market and helps them isolate how the product should best be defined in the marketplace.

There are often hundreds and even thousands of configurations and variants to consider during the early product development stage, with high investments at stake into the choices made. Product managers need to be able to define and decide the product features independent of engineering constraints. They need to be able to freely innovate with the end customer in mind. Gocious believes there is a glaring need for practical tools to help these teams successfully define products, which ensures higher market success.

Gocious Co-founder and CTO Maziar Adl says, “Product people, including product planners, product managers, marketing teams, and executives, require better tools to collaborate and analyze the configurations that best meet the market needs and their business objectives.” He adds that “Gocious’ vision is to give customers insight into their Product DNA at all times, to define, configure, and scope out products that have a higher chance of succeeding in the market.”

Interested parties can sign up for a pre-release at to experience firsthand how Gocious’ system speeds up and improves decisions on features and product line configurations.

About Gocious

Gocious gives planners, decision-makers, and managers of configurable products insight into product lines using weighted scoring and simple modeling, unlike anything currently on the software market. Their solution is available through a cloud-based subscription platform. To find out more, visit