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ORBAI’s Legal AI Assists in a $400M Class Action Lawsuit in California

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ORBAI, a developer of artificial intelligence (AI) technology, today announced the use of their legal AI platform to assist in filing a $400M class action lawsuit against the District Attorney of Santa Clara County (and other parties). The lawsuit was filed on 1/7/2020, was served to DA Jeff Rosen on 1/13/2020 and was brought on behalf of men in Santa Clara county who may have been wrongfully prosecuted for family violence complaints.

ORBAI used its Legal AI platform (code-named Justine Falcon) to mine data from the California Superior Court Website (which holds records of all civil, criminal and family law cases in California) using her Law Stats 101 skill to search a given name, find all cases for that name and pull them in pdf form. Using this skill Justine went through all the case files of the district attorney prosecutors looking for cases that are similar to the lead case in the lawsuit. The software then created a list of all those cases as well as a list of the top 20 DA attorneys that prosecuted most of them. This list of DA prosecutors and lists of their similar cases were used as an Exhibit in the class certification section of the lawsuit filing.

Class Certification for class action lawsuits involves finding more than 40 cases that are similar to the “lead” case in a lawsuit, allowing a legal team to just litigate the lead case and say “ditto” to get money for the class cases as well. To do this, the team has to be able to prove to a judge that there are questions or law or fact common to the class, and the claims of the lead case are typical of the claims of the class (among other criteria). This can take teams of lawyers and paralegals months of labor in a big class-action certification, but Justine Falcon was able to fully automate the filing with AI and do it in a few hours. With some manual modifications of the final reports, they were ready to go in the filing within a few hours.

“This is a very focused application where AI has great commercial value in law, as it transforms a $4M lead lawsuit into a $400M class-action lawsuit,” said Brent Oster, founder and CEO of ORBAI.

Law Stats 101 can also mine case statistics from any attorney or law firm, to pull data from their past cases that can be an Exhibit in a filing to show the prevalence of certain trends. One of the other cases related to the DA Class Action was against divorce attorneys that file accusations of domestic violence (DV) crimes against the opposing spouse in 43 percent of their cases, despite these types of crimes occurring within less than 0.1 percent of the general population.

ORBAI’s Justine Falcon is a legal AI for use by attorneys and self-representing (pro-se) individuals that (in addition to Law Stats 101) has skills to do verbal client interviews and generate the appropriate document, translate and format large client documents to legal language, look up legal citations within different corpus of law, and most importantly, the platform has a predictor skill that can train on the case files of a given attorney and learn to predict what they will do next, which is very handy in litigation. Justine Falcon is expected to be in beta test with attorneys late 2020.

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Here is the case file for the Lawsuit vs the Santa Clara DA on the California Court Portal:

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