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Orion Advisor Services to Acquire Nextgen Financial Planning and Client Experience Technology Provider, Advizr, Inc.

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Orion Advisor Services, LLC (“Orion”), the premier portfolio management solution provider for registered investment advisors, announced today it has acquired Advizr, Inc., an innovative financial planning and client experience technology platform out of New York. The move, which comes on the heels of the company’s recent brand consolidation announcement, moves Orion and its parent company closer to realizing their mission to help advisors operationalize their vision for success and deliver a best-in-class client experience.

Making its entrance into the advisor tech space in 2012 before expanding its focus to the employee financial wellness market, Advizr is known for its sleek interface and impressively intuitive user experience. Their technology enables advisors, financial institutions, and even employers to engage investors in many different ways, depending on their service model — from highly collaborative to fully investor-led. This versatility is powerful, when coupled with a best-in-class client portal that provides investors with a range of dynamic personal financial management capabilities powered by a comprehensive financial planning engine. And with its ability to seamlessly support both goal- and cash-flow-based methodologies, Advizr has made the traditionally complex planning experience simple.

“Bringing Advizr’s incredibly intuitive approach to the firms we serve will take the client experience capabilities we provide through our technology and TAMP offering to the next level,” said Eric Clarke, CEO of the recently combined organization. “Bringing together these components will help advisors fulfill their fiduciary responsibilities regardless of the current regulations and cement their value to clients in a clear and measurable way.”

To help steer the trajectory of the financial planning and client experience technology, which will be available as part of Orion’s platform as well as on its own, Advizr co-founders, CEO Hussain Zaidi and COO Mustapha Baassiri, will join Orion’s executive team as President of Financial Planning Solutions and Executive Vice President of Financial Planning Solutions, respectively. The pair will continue to lead their team out of Advizr’s Manhattan location. Existing Advizr clients should expect no disruption to their current service and will be among the first to benefit from the company’s position as part of the Orion brand family.

“By partnering with Orion, we are going to accelerate our joint mission to deliver holistic advice to even more end clients by seamlessly incorporating Advizr, Orion’s technology, and FTJ’s TAMP offering into one user experience,” said Zaidi. “This sleek tech stack is going to give Orion’s clients and Advizr’s existing customer base an unmatched experience.”

“We are excited to incorporate Advizr’s income planning capabilities into our TAMP,” said Dean Cook, CEO of FTJ Fundchoice (soon to be Orion Portfolio Solutions). “With 10,000 baby boomers retiring each day, providing our advisors with a strong income-oriented proposal tool is a top priority for us.”

Because it’s built on APIs and shares a common code base, Advizr’s compatibility with Orion’s signature portfolio management technology will be seamless, creating a single platform that enables advisors and firms to improve operational efficiency and the client experience at the same time. The similarities between the back ends of the platforms will also enable the combined experience to come to market quickly; Orion expects the integrated capabilities to be available to current and prospective clients by late 2019.

The transaction is subject to customary closing conditions. Additional terms were not disclosed.

To learn more about how Orion and Advizr will be delivering a best-in-class client experience through this acquisition, join our upcoming webinar on August 2nd at 3:00 p.m. EDT.

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Advizr, based in New York, N.Y., is dedicated to creating software that will expand consumer and advisor access to high-quality financial planning services in an accessible format. The powerful, automated, interactive financial planning solution empowers advisors to serve their clients in a cost-effective way, regardless of net worth. To learn more about Advizr, please visit