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Outdated or Nonexistent Scheduling Software Causes Severe Revenue Losses, Increased Staffing Costs, and Poor Compliance, a New International Report Finds

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In a new report published by Quinyx, one of the global leaders in Workforce Management (WFM) solutions, the benefits and savings from using AI-Driven WFM software are shown to be significant.

Quinyx polled 300 global operation executives in the U.S., U.K., The Netherlands, Germany, and the Nordics across the logistics, healthcare, retail, and restaurant sectors to find out their biggest challenges and top priorities in scheduling a deskless workforce.

The term deskless worker refers to more than 2.7 billion of the world’s employees not typically performing their roles at a desk and makes up approximately 80% of the global workforce. Unable to pivot to remote working in the way many desk-based companies have, some deskless employers are facing major challenges in scheduling, communicating, and managing their workforce as the most damaging health and economic crisis in recent history continues to wreak havoc.

The report’s findings are stark. Companies with legacy or no WFM software in place during the pandemic faced major operational challenges. Lacking the agility to meet the frequent shifts in public health regulations, compounded by workplace sickness and extra hygiene protocols, companies without AI-driven WFM lost up to 15% revenue and overspent up to 25% on salary costs. With operational leaders pulled in all directions by the pandemic, 25% of the polled execs were crying out for software that simplified their scheduling process while 30% wanted scheduling that automatically optimized according to business needs.

Alongside the executives polled, 450,000 schedules were examined by Quinyx. Schedules made without the benefit of AI-driven scheduling software caused an average of 3 to 8 labor law violations per week, resulting in thousands of dollars in fines for businesses already feeling the squeeze from COVID-19.

30% of the executives said they faced too many scheduling variables for their current WFM software to handle; while 40% said outdated technology was their main constraint. The manual workarounds and legacy software were delivering a mere 70% scheduling accuracy versus the near-perfect accuracy AI-driven software offers.

One of the most astonishing statistics is 44% of executives admitted they had no access to AI-driven WFM technology despite the huge savings in time, revenue, costs, and efficiency AI-driven scheduling offers.

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About Quinyx:

Quinyx is a leading AI-powered workforce management software that makes the complex tasks of scheduling, time reporting, communicating, budgeting, and forecasting deskless workers simple. Quinyx helps more than 850 companies around the world reduce labor costs, remain compliant, and improve workforce efficiency – all the while boosting their bottom line, employee satisfaction, and retention. Quinyx provides solutions that save time and money to some of the world’s biggest companies like McDonald’s, Sysco, Hilton, Virgin Atlantic, DH, Maersk.