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OverOps Partners with GitLab to Help Enterprises Balance Speed and Reliability in the CI/CD Pipeline

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OverOps, the leading continuous reliability solution, today announced a new integration and partnership with GitLab, the single application for the DevOps lifecycle, enabling joint users to deliver reliable software at speed. In response to growing demand for a unified way to detect issues earlier in the release cycle without jeopardizing velocity, the OverOps integration for GitLab CI/CD helps engineering teams identify and resolve critical errors in pre-production, preventing negative customer impact. In addition to the integration, OverOps joined the GitLab Partner Program as a technology partner as a next step in the company’s commitment to continued collaboration and innovation across the GitLab ecosystem.

“We’re thrilled to have OverOps join the GitLab technology partner ecosystem,” said Brandon Jung, VP of Alliances at GitLab. “As today’s enterprises look for new ways to ensure the reliability of their applications, the OverOps integration will help users identify and prevent critical issues from reaching production, without compromising release velocity.”

With engineering teams under immense pressure to deliver software at speed, DevOps platforms like GitLab have emerged as a critical solution for accelerating release velocity. However, as automation increases across the pipeline, organizations must ensure that accelerating delivery speed doesn’t impact code quality. The 2020 State of Software Quality survey found that despite organizations investing heavily in testing and QA, over 50% still encounter critical or customer-impacting issues in production at least one or more times a month.

The OverOps integration with GitLab helps organizations take a proactive approach to code quality within the CI pipeline. OverOps analyzes code at runtime to identify all new, increasing, resurfaced and critical errors in a release – even those missed by test automation. From there, OverOps generates a code quality report that analyzes all severe issues with the potential to impact end users and application functionality. OverOps quality gates help determine if code is safe to promote, and automatically block unstable releases from moving forward to production.

“Ensuring code quality in a CI/CD environment has historically been a challenge. Even with numerous testing and code analysis measures in place, visibility into runtime errors remains limited,” said Eric Mizell, VP Solution Engineering at OverOps. “OverOps allows GitLab users to fill in this gap without compromising their time to market. We’re excited to partner with a leading DevOps platform like GitLab to offer our customers this unified solution to the speed-stability paradox.”

To learn more about the OverOps’ integration with GitLab and how to surface critical runtime insight directly within the CI pipeline:

  • Register to attend a live webinar, co-hosted with GitLab, on July 22nd at 11 AM PT.
  • Read our blog for more details on OverOps support for GitLab
  • Watch a 2-minute demo video to see the OverOps integration with GitLab in action.

About OverOps

OverOps is a continuous reliability solution that enables companies to ensure rapid code changes do not impact customer experience. Using OverOps, teams can quickly identify, prevent and resolve critical software issues. Unlike static code, log analyzers and APMs that rely on foresight, OverOps analyzes your code at runtime to deliver deep insights into when, where and why code breaks. With robust CI/CD integrations and open APIs, OverOps ensures software reliability from testing to production. The company is backed by Lightspeed Venture Partners and Menlo Ventures, and has offices in San Francisco, Orlando and Tel Aviv.