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oVice, Inc. Elevates Your Virtual Academic Events to a Truly Interactive Experience for Free

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oVice, Inc. (Headquarters: Nanao, Ishikawa, CEO: Sae Hyung Jung) offering 2-D virtual spaces for people to communicate and interact as avatars in an almost-real way online, supplies a free unlimited number of spaces for academic events along with free customization and support before and during the event.

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Virtual conference sponsored by oVice (Graphic: Business Wire)

Virtual conference sponsored by oVice (Graphic: Business Wire)

While video-conferencing platforms fulfill certain needs and have satisfied many, they aren’t the best representation of what virtual conferences can be. This is why oVice virtual space provides a contingency plan by bringing back impromptu hallway conversations, co-existing in one familiar space, and replicating human behaviors online. This takes a huge part in building communities, welcoming newcomers, and connecting around ideas.

oVice Beats the Awkward Virtuality with Rules of Reality

“We do not only give the opportunity to share great content online, but we also summon up the feeling of being in a social event, fostering both synchronous and asynchronous online communication while keeping things fun,” Sae Hyung Jung, Representative Director, oVice, Inc., said. Communication at oVice is close to real-life situations. People can move around, join conversations that bring interest to their ears, and have casual talks with the attendees they see hanging around the coffee area.

University Use Case

Under the theme of “AI and communication”, a private university in Hyogo Prefecture uses oVice for hosting virtual seminars. The students participate in group discussions and share live presentations. The room is used for both project collaboration and socializing which makes the online communication experience more dynamic.

Company Overview

“oVice” is a virtual spatial platform that allows you to move, talk, and collaborate freely in a 2-D world. With the mission of “maximizing effective online communication”, we develop lifelike features that offer users a close-to-reality online experience. In 2020, oVice was exhibited in TechCrunch Startup Battle Online and LAUNCH PAD SaaS.

  • Company Name: oVice, Inc.
  • Location: 926-0021 113 B, Motofuchumachi, Nanao City, Ishikawa
  • Representative: Representative Director Sae Hyung Jung
  • Established: February 2020
  • Website:
  • Business: Development and Provision of Virtual Spaces.

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