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P97 Networks and Partner Fiscal Systems Adopt Conexxus 2.0 Standards

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Fiscal Systems, a premier point of sale and payments partner for P97 Networks, has adopted and certified to the Conexxus 2.0 standard. Fiscal Systems and P97 have been collaborating since 2016, with Fiscal Systems gaining tremendous traction within their market while the P97 Networks mobile commerce platform has advanced in the retail fuels market.

“We are elated to have been one of the first POS and payment system providers to be certified with Conexxus 2.0,” James Spahn, SVP of Operations at Fiscal Systems said. “We’re eager to see how improvements within the Conexxus 2.0 update will help us and our partners like P97 and Sinclair Oil continue deliver seamless consumer payment experiences within the retail fuels market.”

Fiscal Systems, founded in 1983, is one of the leaders in integrated point of sale, payment, loyalty and back office solutions. The company is one of the most robust POS providers in the market, accommodating a wide array of services from FLEET RFID Systems with Quik Q, to payment services for powering Sinclair’s DINOPAY. Fiscal Systems partnership with P97 Networks, the leader in cloud-based mobile commerce, has allowed both companies to stay ahead of the curve in their respective markets.

P97’s cloud-based solution enables frictionless mobile transactions for a variety of mobile wallets and card schemes, allowing retailers of all sizes to offer their customers greater payment flexibility without having to install new hardware. Embracing Conexxus 2.0 standards together empowers P97 and Fiscal Systems to enable fast and easy checkouts at the pump or in-store with mobile payments at retail fueling stations and convenience stores across the U.S..

Currently Sinclair Oil’s Mobile payment abilities within the DINOPAY App are powered by Fiscal Systems at more than 200 locations. With the adoption of Conexxus 2.0, Fiscal Systems has enabled advancements to Sinclair’s DINOPAY Mobile Solution.

“Our partnership with Fiscal Systems and P97 enables a frictionless customer journey and convenience in an increasingly competitive industry,” Doug Lawes at Sinclair said. “Using Fiscal Systems Point of Sale solution with the Conexxus 2.0 advancements, we are able to provide a secure mobile platform that can be easily adopted and will assist our Retailers to smooth out the customers’ payment experience.”

About P97

P97 Networks is a mobile commerce and digital marketing platform that supports the on-demand, convenience driven economy in the retail and fueling industries by enabling mobile payments and the delivery of targeted digital offers. For more information, follow us on Twitter @p97networks or visit

About Fiscal Systems

For more than 35 years, Fiscal Systems has been developing and installing automation solutions for fuel retailers, ranging from single-site to national operators. The fuel retailing platform installed at thousands of sites includes C-Store POS, Truck Fleet POS, cardlock fuel management system, scanning, pricebook, inventory management, age verification, and web portal. For more information, visit

About Sinclair Oil Corporation

Sinclair is a privately held Wyoming company with executive offices in Salt Lake City and more than 1,200 employees across several states. Sinclair owns and operates two refineries in Wyoming along with a network of both crude oil and finished-product pipelines and terminals in the Rocky Mountain and midcontinent regions. The company markets fuel in 24 states, supplying high-quality fuels to more than 1,400 branded stations, featuring DINOCARE™ TOP TIER™ Gasoline. Sinclair Oil and Gas Company manages its exploration and production portfolios by only participating in major oil and gas development projects in the United States. Sinclair also owns and operates The Grand America Hotel in Salt Lake City, the Little America hotel chain, The Westgate Hotel in San Diego, Sun Valley Resort in Idaho, and Snowbasin Resort in Utah. For more information, visit and follow the brand on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.