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Pacific Defense Acquires Spectranetix, Inc., An Advanced Developer of Military Modular Open Systems Architecture CMOSS/SOSA Technologies

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Pacific Defense and Spectranetix today announced that they have entered into a definitive agreement under which Pacific Defense has acquired Spectranetix. Spectranetix designs and builds advanced, military standards-based, modular open systems architecture (MOSA) systems. These systems conform to the Army’s C4ISR Modular Open Suite of Standards (CMOSS) and the Air Force’s Sensor Open Systems Architecture (SOSA) Standard. These CMOSS/SOSA systems are used for multi-mission electronic warfare, tactical communications, signals intelligence, cyber-EW, high speed computing or simultaneous combinations of these capabilities. Spectranetix will become a key platform within Pacific Defense’s corporate portfolio.

“Spectranetix brings world-class engineering and technologies to Pacific Defense, solidifying our presence in the defense electronics and CMOSS/SOSA market,” said Travis Slocumb, CEO of Pacific Defense. “We’re also making strategic investments into advanced software applications running on these CMOSS/SOSA systems, such as advanced artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) applications, communications waveforms, and electronic warfare techniques. Pacific Defense will be the major player in this future of multi-mission, standards-based, AI/ML enhanced military electronics.”

“We are very excited to join Pacific Defense and to continue ramping our rapid growth,” said Rick Lu, President & CEO of Spectranetix. “This move instantly amplifies our capabilities, grows the organization, and reinforces our engineering team with additional resources. The acquisition will help accelerate our products and technologies to our important government, military and intelligence customers. We plan to take this to the next level and remain the largest supplier of CMOSS/SOSA equipment to the Primes and the military, with robust software applications, toolkits, and AI/ML enhancements.”

About Spectranetix

Spectranetix, Inc. based in Silicon Valley and Seattle, builds state-of-the-art CMOSS/SOSA systems and wireless technologies for defense primes, military groups, government agencies and commercial industries. Spectranetix’s core competencies are in building CMOSS/SOSA hardware/software/toolkits, radio frequency communications, jamming technologies, antenna design, networking and custom software development. Information about Spectranetix is available at

About Pacific Defense

Pacific Defense is a newly formed defense company focused on the military’s non-kinetic fight. Queries can be sent to