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PacStar’s Small Tactical Server with Aruba Virtual Mobility Controller Completes Common Criteria Testing

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PacStar®, a leading developer and supplier of advanced communications solutions for defense, commercial, and industrial markets, today announced that PacStar 451 with Aruba Virtual Mobility Controller (VMC) 8.2 has completed Common Criteria evaluation as a network device, VPN gateway, WLAN access control, and traffic filtering firewall device.

This newly certified PacStar/Aruba tactical solution enhances the ability of DoD units and coalition partners to securely transmit classified information over untrusted wireless networks on which warfighters rely for in-theater operations. The certification involved rigorous testing to qualify PacStar’s 451 small tactical server installed with the leading-edge virtualized WLAN controller/VPN/Firewall from Aruba, a Hewlett Packard Enterprise company, for use in classified networks.

The combined PacStar 451 and Aruba VMC provides dramatically improved capabilities for tactical, mobile and coalition organizations including:

  • Ability to create wired and wireless tactical networks used to transmit classified information, using commercial technologies.
  • Ability to interoperate on missions with coalition partners, without having to provide classified equipment to those partners.
  • Ability to transmit classified mission information to end user devices such as wireless laptops and cellular phones, without additional, classified hardware add-ons to the end devices.
  • Ability to combine PacStar 451 with Aruba VMC and other PacStar 400-Series communications modules to create complete networking-in-the-field solutions with a bare minimum of Size, Weight and Power (SWaP).

When combined with additional equipment also available from PacStar, PacStar 451 with Aruba VMC enables wireless and wired transport of classified information over LAN, WLAN and WAN links. Such suites of equipment may also be optionally managed by PacStar IQ-Core® Crypto Manager, making it easier to set up, configure and monitor secure wireless solutions. PacStar 451 is able to host other compelling Aruba technologies that complement the Aruba VMC software, including ClearPass and AirWave, enabling customers to deploy complete secure wireless and wired infrastructure on a common platform.

“We have fully fielded tactical secure wireless systems relying on Aruba VMC’s ability to provide secure WLAN access, VPN and firewall capabilities, along with best-in-class enterprise security and manageability,” stated Peggy Miller, PacStar chief executive officer.

“PacStar’s ability to deliver Aruba VMC and other Aruba technologies in a tactical form factor, combined with their expertise in developing integrated solutions, enables us to deliver our enterprise technology to the edge of the tactical network,” said Jon Green, Aruba Federal CTO.

Details of the Common Criteria evaluation can be found here:

PacStar 451 with Aruba VMC 8.2 is eligible to be used as WLAN Access System, Stateful Traffic Filter Firewall and VPN Gateway components in a CSfC solution. More information can be found at

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Pacific Star Communications, Inc. (PacStar) is a leading provider of advanced communications solutions for a wide range of military, intelligence and commercial applications. PacStar created and manufactures its COTS-based rugged, small form factor expeditionary and mobile communications systems. Separately, it developed integrated, network communications management software, IQ-Core® Software, for the military, federal, state/local government and emergency responder markets. The company’s patented IQ-Core® Software, hardware technology and integrated solutions provide secure, command, control and communications systems, particularly in remote or infrastructure starved areas. In addition, PacStar’s communications systems are ideally suited for commercial/industrial organizations with mission-critical field communications requirements. For additional information, please visit, LinkedIn and Twitter @pacstarcomm.