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Palantir Issues Additional Details About Industrials Capabilities to be Shown at “Double Click” on Wednesday, April 14, 2021

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Palantir Technologies (NYSE:PLTR) today issued additional details about the Palantir Foundry capabilities it will be highlighting in its Industrials demo at “Double Click” on Wednesday, April 14, 2021, at 11:00am ET.

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Palantir’s customers in Industrials span automotive, distribution, heavy manufacturing, chemicals, utilities, and others. These customers rely on Foundry to optimize operations and maintenance, forecast network health, and respond to unexpected events.

At the first installment of Palantir’s Double Click series, engineers will demo the latest capabilities that make this work possible:

  • Chained model simulations. Foundry harmonizes data models across all organizational domains, thereby establishing semantic links between IoT time series data and supporting metadata. This ontology can then be used to provide inputs to models which mirror an organization’s real-world operations, which in turn output into the ontology. To understand the full impact of any decision, these models can be chained together in a digital twin that can be used to adapt to events in real time, or run rigorous simulations for future events. By uniting model-building and operations in one platform, any insights and optimizations propagate through an organization’s daily decisions.
  • Unmatched range of analytical computations. In order to overcome the usual trade-off between complex but slow queries and simple but fast queries on ontological and time series data, Foundry’s query optimizer rewrites analytical queries in order to push down operators towards the data, both in “hot” and in “cold” storage. This means that queries execute with better performance and smaller resource footprint. Moreover, the optimizer is available to all queries, whether they were submitted through APIs, from models, or via graphical analysis applications in Foundry. This allows customers to interrogate up to many trillions of sensor readings in real time.
  • Dynamic orchestration without tradeoffs. Foundry serves all IoT time series data that has been ingested into the platform. The data is readily available through end-user APIs and diverse tooling, without incurring the cost to store everything in high-performance storage. Traditional time series systems force a tradeoff between keeping data in optimized but expensive “hot” storage, and offloading archived data to cheaper “cold” storage where it can no longer be queried. Foundry’s “hot” / “warm” system removes the tradeoff by automatically hydrating archived data into hot storage on-demand. Using Foundry, customers have seen compression ratios as high as 50x on machine-generated data, depending on initial format. This allows industrial customers whose capital assets are equipped with thousands of sensors each — such as airplanes, oil wells, and manufacturing plants — to stream and ingest millions of new data points per second.

In addition to these capabilities, Palantir will highlight two new Archetypes available on top of Foundry that make these capabilities available to industrial customers in a matter of clicks, including:

  • Foundry’s Quality Archetype enables customers to quickly identify emerging issues, accelerate root cause analysis, manage predictive maintenance, decrease warranty costs while increasing recall accuracy, and digitally simulate changes such as swapping raw materials or increasing throughput before committing to costly production or supply chain changes.
  • Foundry’s Supply Chain Archetype enables customers to forecast network health, generate early warning alerts for potential issues, algorithmically compare and optimize supply chain scenarios, respond to ongoing shocks, and monitor key KPIs such as cost, on-time performance, and CO2 emissions.

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