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Pan-American Life Insurance Group and TPAC Underwriters, Inc. Celebrate 20 Years of Partnership and Innovative Solutions

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Pan-American Life Insurance Group (PALIG), a leading provider of life, accident and health insurance throughout the Americas, celebrates 20 years of partnership with TPAC Underwriters, Inc. (TPAC), a Managing General Underwriter specializing in innovative stop-loss products.

“It has been a pleasure for Pan-American Life to work in partnership with TPAC Underwriters, Inc. and Michael Meloch over the last two decades,” said José S. Suquet, Chairman of the Board, President and CEO of Pan-American Life Insurance Group. “Michael and his team have changed the landscape of the self-funded community, continually striving for and achieving excellence while bringing innovative solutions. We look forward to a continued partnership for many more years to come.”

Spaggregate®, TPAC’s industry leading, proprietary self-funded stop-loss product, allows PALIG’s small employers in the U.S. to establish a fixed monthly budget for claims coverage within a self-funded health plan. Its foundational features, including low maximum cost, no lasers, creativity in plan design, transparency, control and flexible contracts, offer clients the ideal combination of predictability, savings and control to meet their benefits needs.

“On behalf of the entire TPAC team, we feel an incredible sense of accomplishment with the success and savings that PALIG’s clients have experienced throughout these years,” said Michael Meloch, President of TPAC. “Our goal has always been to provide unique underwriting solutions, and we plan to continue to drive innovation in the reinsurance market through this partnership.”

Since August 1999, TPAC has underwritten for PALIG in Traditional Medical Stop-Loss, Spaggregate®, Life and AD&D products, resulting in a current block of over 270 cases.

About Pan-American Life Insurance Group

Pan-American Life Insurance Group is a leading provider of life, accident and health insurance throughout the Americas that has been delivering trusted financial security since 1911. The New Orleans-based Group is comprised of more than twenty member companies, employs more than 1,950 worldwide and offers top-rated individual and/or group life, accident and health insurance, employee benefits and financial services in 49 states, the District of Columbia (DC), Puerto Rico, the U.S. Virgin Islands, and throughout Latin America and the Caribbean. The Group has branches and affiliates in Costa Rica, Colombia, Ecuador, El Salvador, Guatemala, Honduras, Mexico, Panama, and 13 Caribbean markets, including Barbados, Cayman Islands, Curacao and Trinidad and Tobago. For more information, visit the Pan-American Life Web site at, follow us on Twitter @PanAmericanLife, and connect with us on LinkedIn at Pan-American Life Insurance Group.

About TPAC

TPAC Underwriters, Inc. is a Managing General Underwriting firm located in Minneapolis, Minnesota. In business since 1991, TPAC works to write profitable, creative business with our reinsurers in Traditional Medical Stop-Loss, Spaggregate, and HRA/HSA plans through Third-Party Administrators, fully-funded capitated drug card programs, Life and AD&D products.