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Paragon Application Systems Enhances Its VirtualATM Solution

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Application Systems
, a leading independent provider of payment
testing solutions to the financial services industry for more than 25
years, has announced several enhancements to Paragon VirtualATM®.
This enterprise class, web-enabled application is helping ATM deployers
virtualize, automate and streamline ATM system testing and
maintenance to boost efficiency, improve delivery timeframes and
increase reliability.

Paragon is actively helping a number of major payments organizations
with their Windows 10 migrations. VirtualATM provides automated,
comprehensive testing that compares screen images, receipts and results
between Windows 7 and Windows 10 in a virtualized ATM environment. The
solution also easily generates reports to help identify any potential
migration issues. Paragon has successfully virtualized several of the
most common ATM software platforms, including APTRA Edge 10, APTRA
Activate and VISTA 5.x.

Paragon has additionally introduced the following updates to its
VirtualATM solution:

  • A VM Setup Tool accelerates and automates the process of
    creating a virtual ATM, setting up the VM that the virtual ATM resides
    on and its connections. The Paragon VM Setup Tool leverages a
    proprietary script, configuration file and ATM images to automatically
    engineer “one-click” setup of a connection-ready VM with the virtual
    ATM image and all the necessary Paragon software installed. Multiple
    instances of the tool can run simultaneously, performing several
    conversions at once, saving time and increasing productivity.
  • The detached ATM enhancement saves time and increases
    efficiency by reducing unproductive downtime waiting for a virtual ATM
    to reboot or restart. When testers must interrupt their testing, they
    can leave their virtual ATMs “detached” and running while they work on
    other tasks. When testers are ready to resume testing, the virtual ATM
    is immediately ready and in the same state it was in before being
    detached – with no lengthy wait for the ATM to restart. This feature
    also allows administrators to prepare and stage a virtual ATM before
    it’s needed.
  • The VirtualATM host proxy enables faster, easier switching
    between multiple host systems during testing. Traditionally, switching
    hosts requires cumbersome and time-consuming changes to host IP
    addresses stored in the ATM application, then restarting the
    application. The VirtualATM host proxy can store multiple host
    connection settings, allowing testers to switch between test host
    connections with “point and click” ease, eliminating associated ATM
    application changes and restarts.
  • VirtualATM message importing supports more efficient, accurate
    creation of automated tests for ATM hosts. Testers use the VirtualATM
    Proxy Trace to capture all messages between the ATM and the test host
    during testing with VirtualATM. From the trace, testers then select
    the desired messages, import them into Paragon’s Web FASTest platform
    and run those messages as automated tests against their host system.

“Leading ATM deployers realize that relying on dated and disjointed
systems to monitor, test and maintain their payments channels is
inefficient, expensive and risky,” explained Jim Perry, CEO of Paragon.
“To help our clients prepare for new industry requirements, like the
Windows 10 migration, we continue to evolve and enhance our technology.
Financial service providers must take a more proactive approach to
testing and system maintenance by leveraging modern, automated tools
like Paragon VirtualATM. Those that do so will save both time and money
while facilitating a better customer experience and maintaining consumer

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