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Parts Town Acquires Inventory Management Software 3Plenish

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, the market leading foodservice equipment parts distributor
with the most in-stock OEM (original equipment manufacturer) parts on
the planet, announced today the acquisition of 3Plenish.
3Plenish is an innovative app that enables efficient management of parts
inventory and replenishment for trucks used by field service-focused
companies and other organizations that manage service technicians as
well as parts stockrooms. This acquisition follows the related Parts
Town acquisition of 3Wire
in mid-2018.

“We are very excited to own this unique technology and look forward to
rebranding and building on the existing capabilities. Many of our
partners continue to seek simple inventory management and replenishment
solutions, and the 3Plenish technology is currently the best out there.
We plan to take it to a whole new level,” states Mike O’Shea, World Wide
Web Wiseguy at Parts Town (AKA – Sr. Vice President of IT and

Parts Town will be working to formally rebrand and further enhance the
existing 3Plenish capabilities, but the existing capability is available
to customers who are looking for a solution quickly. O’Shea states,
“There are several successful implementations already that are adding
value in the market, and a nice pipeline of opportunity.”

“3Plenish fits neatly into our overall technology roadmap for 2019 and
beyond. We have been setting the stage for a set of breakthrough
innovations that are currently in development and ownership of 3Plenish
will help us to further expand our technology differentiation,” says
Emanuela Delgado, VP of the Revolution at Parts Town (AKA – Vice
President, Growth & Innovation).

The deal to acquire 3Plenish closed on April 2. To learn more about
Parts Town and its current services, visit
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About Parts Town
Parts Town is the market-leading
distributor of genuine OEM (original equipment manufacturer) foodservice
equipment parts. When there’s a hiccup in any commercial kitchen, Parts
Town is ready to jump in and help with the most in-stock parts on the
planet, innovative technology, and an unmatched customer experience.
Customized solutions benefit food equipment service companies, chain
restaurants, institutions and independent restaurants.

Parts ID tools like, PartSPIN®-our 360-degree imaging technology, Serial
Number Lookup, enhanced Smart Manuals, and the industry’s first mobile
app allow customers to easily and conveniently find and view equipment
manuals and parts in the field, where that info is needed most. These
innovations, paired with same day shipping and extended hours of
operation, ensure the correct part is ordered and delivered every time.

Partnering with the top manufacturers of commercial cooking,
refrigeration, ice and beverage equipment and more, Parts Town improves
the supply chain, increases sales of genuine OEM parts and keeps every
customer’s business running like clockwork.

Parts Town makes finding and buying foodservice equipment parts easy,
fast and kinda fun.