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PathCheck and New Context Publish Offline COVID Vaccine Certificate Standard for Global Health Equity

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PathCheck Foundation, a non-profit dedicated to enabling open-source, privacy-preserving technology and public health solutions to contain COVID-19, today announced a partnership with New Context. This partnership strengthens the family of PathCheck solutions with a new technology that brings offline vaccination certification to enhance a health equity patient journey.

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Making offline vaccination credentials available to everyone is a critical component of health equity, especially for the most vulnerable populations of the world. What makes a vaccination patient journey so unique is that it starts with a vaccination coupon QR code that can be distributed to anyone, yet remains a private and unique identifier for that individual. The person can use the coupon to register for a vaccination, track their patient journey through two shots, concluding with a verifiable proof of vaccination that only the individual controls.

Paper Credentials were proposed by the MIT SafePaths team at MIT and launched in the repository here:

This credentialing of the vaccination patient journey is being launched today and is described by the PathCheck and New Context team in the following repository:

New Context was founded in 2013 by Silicon Valley entrepreneur Daniel Riedel with the vision of keeping the connected world safe. New Context is an innovator in data security and infrastructure scalability for highly regulated industries including healthcare, energy, telecommunications, finance and government. New Context partners with customers around the globe building critical infrastructure and security orchestration that incorporates emerging technology.

“We are happy to have this support from the New Context team led by CTO Justin Dossey,” said Ramesh Raskar, Associate Professor at MIT Media Lab, founder, chairman, and chief scientist of PathCheck Foundation. “They have unparalleled experience with highly regulated industries and this is a critical need right now.”

PathCheck believes that the power of contact tracing – test, trace, isolate – and vaccination credentialing should be available to everyone, especially in countries and communities that are the most vulnerable, or lack strong public health infrastructures. Moreover, these solutions should be designed to protect individual privacy and liberty. QR codes are ubiquitous around the world, and are an innovative way to help people understand where they have been, and when they might have potentially been exposed.

“It is an honor to partner with PathCheck to address the global pandemic and apply our expertise in data privacy and scalability during the pandemic,” said New Context CEO Daniel Riedel. “Many of the people affected are essential workers without insurance who tend to be disproportionately impacted by its harmful effects. A vital approach to national and international vaccination strategies is one of health equity, which will contribute to ridding the world of COVID-19.”

New Context is passionate about tackling health equity and COVID-19 vaccine distribution. PathCheck is partnering with New Context to develop new standards for COVID-19 testing and vaccination certification that are secure, scalable, and interoperable. The goal is to develop new standards and privacy guidelines for the protection of private information to fulfill global demands. Data privacy, trust, and tracking are obstacles to the equitable distribution of vaccines, and must be addressed in order for global vaccination, distribution, and monitoring to be successful.

About PathCheck Foundation

Founded at MIT, PathCheck Foundation is a nonprofit organization dedicated to containing the pandemic and revitalizing economies, while preserving individual privacy and liberty. PathCheck builds open source software, advises health authorities and private sector organizations, and provides research and insights related to digital contact tracing, exposure notification, and digital public health solutions. With significant charitable funding, more than 2,400 volunteers, and a core team of technology and public health professionals, PathCheck Foundation is the leading nonprofit dedicated to creating technology solutions to stop the pandemic and build safe, healthy, resilient communities.

About New Context

Founded in 2013, New Context is an innovator in the security of data for highly regulated industries including energy, telecommunications, finance and government. We help our customers around the globe prepare for security orchestration, building critical infrastructure that works with emerging tech. We’re passionate about protecting the organizations, communities, and families living together in our connected world, and you’ll see that commitment in everything we do.