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PathSolutions Announces TotalView 10 Release with Industry Leading Security Integration

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PathSolutions, a leading provider of network performance management and
VoIP/UC performance management software, today announced the release
of TotalView 10
, which provides IoT device monitoring, network
security policy monitoring, IP address management, and network device
configuration tools. This new software release will monitor unauthorized
access of a computer network and alert of any suspicious activity.

“Automating network intelligence around network security is now a
reality, as TotalView 10 can expose suspicious communications within
minutes of deployment,” said Tim Titus, Founder & CTO of PathSolutions.
“Network and IT professionals need to know who is communicating with
whom, and where their data is going. The new Security Policy Monitoring
feature allows policies to be setup and send alert notifications if
devices communicate with inappropriate servers or cloud services located
in suspicious countries. Knowing your network at a deeper and broader
level is now easier than ever.”

PathSolutions continues to drive towards automation and root-cause
analysis with TotalView 10. This release includes network
security related capabilities
that will create immediate awareness
of network device vulnerabilities, as well as tracking IoT devices on
the network and who they communicate with.

10 Release
has Industry Leading Security Integration

  • Device Security Policy Manager
  • NetFlow Security Monitoring
  • IoT Security
  • Device Vulnerability Monitoring

The Device Security Policy Manager is especially useful when paired with
the new IoT Device monitoring capability, as it can alert if an IoT
device communicates with an inappropriate server or device inside or
outside of your environment.

The NetFlow Security Monitoring capability shows the flows associated
with a device, along with the external destination’s country, ISP, and
risk profile so it’s easy to see communications with remote servers in
unscrupulous remote locations.

to learn more about the new features in TotalView 10. Click
to learn about all the features in TotalView 10.

TotalView 10 is available now as a free upgrade for customers on
existing support contracts. PathSolutions customers can request an
upgrade by clicking

About PathSolutions:

PathSolutions is a leading provider of network
performance management
and VoIP/UC
performance management
solutions that enable the rapid
troubleshooting and resolution of data, VoIP/UC, and video quality
issues. TotalView® identifies the root-causes of problems,
telling you exactly when, where, and why problems occurred in
plain-English. Problems get solved the first time they occur. TotalView
continuously analyzes the state of the network and identifies and
prescribes fixes for the root causes of performance issues. This allows
PathSolutions customers to quickly resolve any performance issues,
maximizing productivity and efficiency. PathSolutions customers range
from small businesses to large enterprises, carriers, and MSPs.