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Patients, Providers, Insurers Benefit From Health Data Interoperability

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Abartys Health, a healthcare data solutions company, today announces the timely release of its white paper detailing the ways in which the startup’s platform patientLynk delivers on lofty new guidelines issued by the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services. The urgency of these guidelines, brought down in March to increase health interoperability, has only been amplified amid the ongoing global pandemic.

The white paper emphasizes the current lack of health record interoperability for patients, insurers, and labs. The ability to seamlessly exchange patient health information between plans and providers, while simultaneously offering easy access to patients themselves, remains out of reach for the majority of national health systems, with a report last year finding the U.S. healthcare industry is plagued by almost $1 trillion in waste each year.

Interoperability has been pursued by multiple administrations in the United States, but recent policy changes finally seek to coordinate stakeholders, harmonize standards, and promote information exchange. Abartys Health soon thereafter launched the web and mobile interface patientLynk to help unify all stakeholders.

The FHIR-compliant centralized data delivery system offers patients a one-stop-shop for personal healthcare records, insurance documents, and physician history. Meanwhile, insurers and labs gain a comprehensive vision of patient health and automate some of their most costly administrative processes.

“As we’re seeing plainly, health concerns today do not stop at national borders, so the construction and deployment of an interconnected global network that can limit the spread of infectious disease outbreaks, as well as predict risk based on comorbidity, is critical going forward,” said Abartys Health co-founder Lauren Cascio.

The need for universal patient identification and faster lab test response times has been dramatically underscored amidst the ongoing international pandemic. A solution to better connect patients to providers could likely prove pivotal in combating public health emergencies by working to rapidly detect and transparently report outbreaks.

The special report notes that uniting scattered information systems and collecting historical data represents an ability to accurately construct public health profiles, thereby enabling governments and health agencies to better make long-term decisions. The benefits of this solution are already being seen in Puerto Rico, where patientLynk currently delivers more than one hundred thousand lab results every month to the platform’s quarter million patients.

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About Abartys Health

Founded in 2015, Abartys is working to solve the global healthcare crisis with smarter, faster care achieved by use of a unique, centralized data hub that allows for medical record portability and universal patient identification. Abartys, the winner of AOL Founder Steve Case’s recent competition, has created a system that allows seamless data flow and communication between insurers, doctors, and patients.