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Paulson Investment Signs with Trillium Surveyor for Trade Surveillance

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Trillium, a pioneering financial and technology service provider, announced today that Paulson Investment Company, a boutique investment banking firm, will now use Trillium’s trade surveillance product, Surveyor.

“In addition to Surveyor being an excellent product, Trillium’s diverse client base and the level of dedicated service provided by its sales and technology teams made the decision to choose Trillium an easy one,” said Ron D’Angelo, Managing Director, Sales and Trading at Paulson Investment.

Regulatory oversight of trading activities at broker dealers has increased over the years making it critical for these firms to employ a thorough compliance program capable of quickly identifying various forms of market manipulation. Surveyor, a cutting-edge post-trade surveillance platform, automatically identifies potential instances of market abuse and manipulation and gives your team all the necessary tools to analyze, investigate and memorialize these events. Its end-to-end integrated workflow functionality demonstrates to regulators a serious commitment to trade surveillance.

“We are thrilled to welcome Paulson to the growing list of firms using Surveyor. Paulson’s needs fit perfectly with Surveyor’s service offering, and we look forward to our partnership.” said Bailey Kessing, Business Development at Trillium.

Surveyor saves valuable time and resources by using full depth-of-book market data and a set of rules based on regulatory actions, thereby reducing false positives and streamlining the compliance process. Other products use only top of book data to generate alerts, leading to the failure to detect real market manipulation and the production of time-wasting false positive. More information on Surveyor is available here.

About Trillium

Trillium is a diversified financial services firm operating two business lines: Trillium Trading, a proprietary intraday trading group and Trillium Labs, a trading technology development group and the creator of Surveyor, a post trade analytics and market surveillance tool designed to detect and eliminate market manipulation. Trillium is headquartered in New York City, with trading floors in Chicago, and Miami. For additional information, please visit