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Paytia’s Agent Release Reduces Call Duration Time for Merchants Taking Payments Over the Phone

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Paytia, the secure phone-payments company, today announced the availability of a new product Agent Release, an extension to its flagship Secure Virtual Terminal that has been in use in call Centers in Europe and the US since 2018. Agent Release extends Paytia’s platform leadership in telephone payment compliance and trust into the critical area of agent productivity, saving on average two to three minutes per payment call.

Curtis Nash, CEO of Paytia, explains, “Paytia’s cloud service platform for telephone card payments already delivers convenience and trust, and now adds the fastest transaction speed in the industry to its Secure Virtual Terminal.

Much has been done to achieve Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard compliance (PCI DSS). However, one element that has not been addressed until now is the speed of processing telephone card payments.

Increasing handled calls per agent is a core driver of productivity. Giving an agent a choice to automate the card payment process and optionally stay connected during the payment process to complete the call means cutting out over two minutes per customer; that equates to significant savings in call centre operations”.

United Call Centre’s CEO, Szolt Szmolinka, explained that “UCC’s virtual call centre service delivers significant cost savings whilst increasing compliance and quality of service. Paytia abstracts card data from the UCC agent so only the customer and the secure authorised payment processor can access card data. UCC’s major international clients use the telephone sales channel to increase sales revenue and improve service. Allowing UCC’s virtual call centre staff to decide on the appropriate time to hand off to the Paytia automated card data collection service directly reduces call times whilst protecting customer card data. UCC and Paytia have partnered to deliver payment-enabled call centre services to clients such as BAT, a FTSE 100 company, across Europe.”

About Paytia

Paytia is a PCI-DSS Level 1-certified, payments technology company specializing in enabling secure telephone-based payments.

Paytia’s new Agent Release uses Paytia’s proven channel separation technology and is an optional add-on to their product Secure Virtual Terminal.

Our mission is to create a world where consumers can pay over the phone without fear of card theft or fraud — and can do so effortlessly. How? By providing businesses of any size, secure card-capture and payment-authorization solutions that are effortless to set up, simple to use, and affordable.

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