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People Analytics: Analyzing Data to Improve the Talent Value Chain & Drive Organizational Improvements

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Quantzig, a global data analytics and advisory firm, that delivers actionable analytics solutions to resolve complex business problems has announced the completion of its recent engagement that sheds light on the importance of people analytics and explains how it helped a Canadian retailer to enhance operational efficiency by 3x.

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Quantzig's People Analytics Engagement Summary (Graphic: Business Wire)

Quantzig’s People Analytics Engagement Summary (Graphic: Business Wire)

The case study aligns perfectly with Quantzig’s commitment to helping its clients transform business processes through innovative people analytics solutions. The challenges faced by the client included:

1. Lack of an effective process to identify high potential (HIPO) employees

2. Organizational silos that hampered agility and curtailed development efforts

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A few years ago, people analytics was the provenance of market leaders across industries. But today businesses have realized the need to effectively manage their workforce to drive business excellence. At the same time, business leaders have shifted their reliance upon gut instinct for decision making to new forms of business value by becoming data-driven, which is empowering them to reinvent professions and transform their business processes with critical insights obtained using advanced people analytics.

Quantzig’s people analytics solutions leverage statistics and industry knowledge to extract maximum insights from talent data, which in turn, results in better workforce management. Sounds interesting, doesn’t it? Speak to our analytics experts to get started!

According to Quantzig’s people analytics experts, “The old approach of gut feel is no longer enough, in today’s complex business scenario where businesses are looking at driving returns on their investments, making the adoption of people analytics crucial from a business point of view.”

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How People Analytics Solutions Helped the Retailer

1: Analyzed key metrics and enhanced operational effectiveness by 3x

2: Enhanced process efficiency and reduced turnover rate

3: Identified the relationship between drivers and desired outcomes

The growing popularity of people analytics can be attributed to several factors such as employee performance management and relationship management that have made it crucial for businesses to adopt analytics-backed measures to drive value. Our people analytics solutions integrate technology and data modeling to help businesses improve operations and strengthen employee relationships.

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