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Periscope Holdings Appoints David Landsman to Lead the Marketplace for Government Buyers and Suppliers

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Periscope Holdings announced today that David Landsman has joined its leadership team as Senior Vice President. In this role, he will oversee the development, implementation and expansion of the Periscope Marketplace, a new online shopping platform exclusive to the public sector.

As explained in an August 26 press release, the Periscope Marketplace employs a unique e-commerce model that instantly increases government buyers’ market intelligence and overall supplier competition to empower more strategic sourcing of goods and services. For example, the Periscope Marketplace eliminates the traditional geographical boundaries of government procurement by enabling buyers to shop across multiple e-commerce storefronts – such as co-op contracts, other states’ contracts and their own curated catalogs – within the compliance guidelines defined by their respective organizations. Individual suppliers can also upload their catalogs directly to the Periscope Marketplace to solicit their goods and services to government buyers at the state and local levels. This increases visibility of suppliers’ goods and services across the entire public sector, even if the supplier has never bid on or secured government business in the past. Small businesses that are seeking more time and cost-efficient ways to sell to the public sector will find this capability especially beneficial.

“I am really excited about the value proposition of the Periscope Marketplace for the public sector,” Landsman added. “I have spent the majority of my career helping companies achieve cost savings, break into new markets and drive new business leveraging e-commerce marketplaces. However, it’s become overwhelmingly evident that e-commerce platforms marketed for commercial use are only geared towards the private sector and are woefully deficient when considering the complexities of the public sector. The Periscope Marketplace gets as close to the consumer experience as possible while maintaining the accountability and compliance required for public sector procurement. That’s why I was compelled to join the Periscope team.

“The Periscope Marketplace is going to help government agencies increase competition very quickly. Additionally, they will be able to identify and achieve cost savings, improve the quality of goods and services while extracting more value from their spend in a way that is simply not possible with the highly fragmented and severely limiting sourcing models that you often see in government procurement. The Periscope Marketplace is also going to empower private sector companies to secure new government customers by allowing suppliers to expose their government sourced contract catalogs to new agencies. These are things that no other single e-commerce platform can do.”

About David Landsman

Landsman is extremely passionate about emerging technology and start-ups. He has deep international experience building new teams, creating and implementing process, and bringing new products to market. He is also a well-recognized thought leader on supply chain, manufacturing and B2B issues and has been invited to speak at the National Institute of Standards & Technology (N.I.S.T.) on matters of supplier discovery, strategic sourcing and taxonomic science.

Follow Landsman on Twitter (@DavidILandsman) for insights on e-commerce in the public sector and the Periscope Marketplace.

About Periscope Holdings

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