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Pernix Launches Attribution Application Solution to Bring Full Transparency to Performance Marketing Programs

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a digital marketing attribution application solution that guarantees
advertisers complete control over performance marketing attribution
logic, launched today. Built to put customers at the heart of a
revitalized partnership marketing approach, Pernix fuses attribution and
analytical data with program tracking to make authentic, trackable
program performance a reality.

Pernix disrupts misaligned attribution models and tracking to enable a
more efficient allocation of marketing dollars into the partnership and
affiliate channels. Designed to work in conjunction with affiliate and
partnership networks and platforms, Pernix’s suite of products supports
the entire performance marketing ecosystem: advertisers, partners,
networks and agencies. Pernix amplifies the true value of the industry
by finding the real return on investment in partnership and affiliate

“Pernix is the start of a movement,” said Stephanie Harris, Co-Founder,
Pernix. “We created Pernix because we wanted to make the tools that will
govern the future of our industry, and promote its continued growth.
Pernix empowers leaders with the real, data-driven insights they need to
uncover the true ROI of their partnership campaigns.”

As a pure server-side solution, Pernix is designed to pull complex data
from multiple attribution, analytics, partnership, and affiliate
platforms, and align all performance and costs to an advertiser’s source
of attribution truth. This gives advertisers a definitive look at how
their marketing investment is performing at every touchpoint throughout
the digital marketing ecosystem.

“Pernix’s disruptive approach to helping marketers move beyond the
historically siloed and opaque attribution logic of the affiliate
category is long overdue,” said Matt Gilbert, CEO, Pepperjam. “In an
environment where the customer journey is no longer linear, marketers
need solutions that accurately measure the effectiveness of their spend
and evaluate which touchpoints materially influenced conversion. With
Pernix, our shared clients have the potential to move beyond the
challenges of siloed data and expedite their move from last click to
multi-touch, and ultimately to incrementality attribution models. We’re
excited to support their launch and encouraged by the potential of the

Pernix offers:

  • Authentic, trackable performance: By putting advertisers in
    charge of attribution logic, Pernix ensures customers no longer have
    to pay CPA commissions on conversions that don’t align with their
    attribution models.
  • Partner performance grading: With Pernix, advertisers can
    eliminate the conflict of interest involved in third-party marketing
    platforms doing their own tracking.
  • Customer data protection: Pernix removes cumbersome and
    invasive third-party tags from advertisers’ websites, keeping load
    times down and stopping other platforms from collecting customers’

“Data and tracking is critical to high growth companies. It wouldn’t be
possible to grow at our speed without reliable sources of truth,” said
Daniel Goldstein, Co-Founder of Trust & Will. “Pernix has delivered
reliable, streamlined attribution so that every dollar is optimized
fully and conversions accounted for appropriately.”

“The digital marketing ecosystem has suffered from a lack of trust in
third-party attribution for too long,” said Patrick Albano, Consultant
and CRO, Side Street Ventures. “By building a company based around the
notion of putting the customer first, Pernix is not only solving this
long standing industry pain point, it is also reinventing the digital
marketing ecosystem. As Pernix continues to elevate the overall value of
the performance marketing industry, I am fully in support of its mission
as a member of the advisory board.”

“For years, brands have sought real understanding of the impact of their
partnerships on business growth, as well as the relative contribution of
the channel to those results,” said Mal Cowley, Cofounder and CEO of
partnerships automation company Partnerize. “Initiatives like Pernix
demonstrate a real commitment to providing precise answers to those
questions. We look forward to working with the Pernix team to deliver
rich insights to the many clients that we share.”

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About Pernix
Pernix is a digital marketing attribution
application solution empowering advertisers with the disruptive
technology they need to ensure full alignment on goals, investments,
performance and reporting. The solution was designed to increase the
overall value of the industry, and further elevate the ROI of investing
in partnership and affiliate programs. Pernix places control firmly in
the hands of marketers—and is the only company making trackable return
on investment a reality. Pernix is a wholly owned subsidiary of PartnerCentric,
the industry leader in innovative affiliate program management.
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