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PERSUIT Named in the Association of Corporate Counsel’s List of 2020 ACC Value Champions

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PERSUIT has been named by The Associate Corporate Counsel (ACC) as one of its 2020 ACC Value Champions. The ACC has recognized PERSUIT as one of 7 external partners and 9 law departments as “pioneers of optimized legal services.” Value Champions are “industry leaders in integrating people, processes, technology, and data to enhance efficiency and value in their legal departments,” honored for making the most profound “impact on both industry and culture, showcasing a variety of ways to thrive in today’s fast-changing world.”

PERSUIT (New York) aided HBR Consulting (Chicago) in its engagement with Exelon Corporation (Chicago). Facing cost-optimization and pressure to streamline after a series of mergers, Exelon engaged HBR Consulting to help reduce external spend while upholding quality, diversity, and sustainability goals. Under the resulting new program, Exelon utilized PERSUIT’s online bidding platform to balance pricing with qualitative attributes. The result of these combined initiatives was a 31 percent savings from matter-level bidding and a 60 percent reduction in overall outside budget variation in 2019. Exelon also saw a 27 percent increase in spend with minority and women-owned business enterprise (MWBE) firms, and an eight percent increase in spend with diverse associates at majority-owned firms. The savings funded investment in Exelon’s internal legal team and professional development opportunities.

Founder and CEO Jim Delkousis states, “Any time a partner is able to save over $1M by leveraging our platform, it’s a huge win for us. Knowing Exelon used the savings to fund pay increases, promotions, and professional development for their internally legal team only makes it that much more meaningful.”

PERSUIT is the first-to-market platform that facilitates a competitive bidding process for sourcing outside counsel, saving Fortune 500 clients 35% on their external legal fees. In the last 18 months, world-leading brands such as Citibank, Shell, Johnson & Johnson, Novartis, Walmart, Facebook and Twilio have chosen PERSUIT to transform the way they procure external legal services.

PERSUIT has been recognized for its achievements. The ACC Value Challenge, launched in 2008, has provided resources and training for in-house counsel and law firm lawyers to help affect change within the legal industry. “It’s important to understand just how advanced these Value Champions are at implementing creative legal solutions, especially as technology and legal operations continue to gain traction in corporate law departments. (…) The 2020 Champions think ahead of the curve, not only from an operational perspective for their department, but also incorporating it into a wider business strategy,” says Catherine J. Moynihan, associate VP of legal management services at the ACC.

ACC’s 2020 Value Champions announcement is available online today.


PERSUIT is a Software as a Service (“SaaS”) company specializing in legal RFP technology, founded in early 2016 by Jim Delkousis, a veteran BigLaw partner.

The PERSUIT platform is self-service enabled and an out-of-the-box, cloud-based software application, providing in-house teams the ability to launch matter-based RFPs, RFI’s, AFAs, Hourly Rate reviews, and Panel Convergence Programs using industry best-practice templates. Request types can be used to drive price competition via real-time bidding to achieve true market pricing every time, delivering 35%+ savings on external legal spend.

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