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PFSP Dedicated to Changing the Perception of Independent Specialty Pharmacies Nationwide

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PFSP, an independent specialty pharmacy based in Rahway, NJ, is determined to not only provide the best specialty pharmacy services in the country, but also combat the negative perceptions commonly attached to independent specialty pharmacies by drug manufacturers, insurance companies, physicians and patients alike.

Marine Corps veteran and PFSP founder/CEO Fabian Herrera on Tuesday explained his mission to provide a fresh, innovative approach to patients and physicians while also acting as an ethical and trusted resource within the community.

“Recently, New Jersey has seen many independent specialty pharmacies shut down for unethical practices,” said Herrera. “At PFSP, we’re doing everything we can to change that perception. We meet an exceptionally high standard of care and have a top staff of specialized pharmacists. We’re strong clinically and ethically.”

Unlike other independent specialty pharmacies, PSFP composes a unique, personal treatment plan for each patient facing a chronic condition and offers one-on-one consultations so they can receive the most efficient and effective care. Their URAC and ACHC accreditations have become required by insurance companies and manufacturers to attain “Limited Distribution Drugs,” of which PSFP currently has access to nine within the Oncology, Neurology, Rheumatology and Dermatology disease states.

The pharmacy employs nationally certified pharmacy technicians and mentors students from the Fairleigh Dickinson University School of Pharmacy & Health Sciences. PFSP has recently made investments in its infrastructure to ensure its facility and medical technologies are state-of-the-art.

Further, PFSP utilizes approved packaging methods for medications, provides specialized disease counseling services, offers suggestions for how to relieve stress and even injection training to assist those who want to administer their own medication. 75% of PFSP’s patients are approved in less than three days, as opposed to the national average of three weeks.

Currently, PFSP is licensed in six states—NJ, NY, CT, PA, DE and AZ—and expanding nationally this year.

“It’s in a patient’s best interest to go to an independent, accredited specialty pharmacy,” said Herrera. “When you visit PFSP, you understand what quality patient care means.”

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PFSP takes pride in being an ethical resource within our community that helps patients live full and enriching lives.