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Phononic Honored By CNBC For Innovations That Revolutionize Industries and The Way We Live

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a global leader in solid-state cooling and heating technology, was today
announced as a 2019
“CNBC Disruptor 50” honoree
for its work disrupting industries
worldwide with sustainable, compressor-free solutions. Its Co-Founder
and CEO, Dr. Tony Atti, will be interviewed later today on “Power
” in recognition of the company’s drive to unlock the potential
of multiple mass market industries simultaneously via its evolution to a
scalable semiconductor platform.

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(Graphic: CNBC)

(Graphic: CNBC)

The company invites market leaders, industrial designers and engineers
to rethink traditional methods of cooling and heating now being used in
modern applications across multiple industries – displacing 100+
year-old compressor-based incumbents with solid-state thermoelectric
technology. Phononic’s cooling approach integrates the phases of pumping
heat, moving heat, and controlling heat to create a powerful
thermoelectric system that is flexible, sustainable and commercially
viable. The compact footprint of the Phononic Thermal Engine™ allows for
a greater degree of design flexibility at the system level, allowing for
the creation of product form factors and features that enable designers
and engineers to solve their toughest thermal challenges.

Working off a scalable semiconductor cooling capability, Phononic has
developed innovative and sustainable cooling and heating solutions that
drive 5G adoption by protecting sophisticated fiber optics; safeguard
drugs and vaccines through the first ENERGY STAR™-certified solid-state
refrigerator; deliver first-of-their kind merchandising solutions for
retail food and beverage; and power sustainable solutions for air
conditioning to address the most critical environmental challenge of our

“Phononic’s solid-state cooling and heating technology is disrupting all
industries where compressors currently play and those where they can’t,
and we’re empowering innovators globally to rethink solutions to the
world’s toughest thermal challenges,” said Dr. Atti. “For us, designing
with Phononic is a philosophy and a call for collaboration. We’re
partnering with companies to design and co-create new or existing
products with solid-state solutions – enabling infinite potential
applications and ultimately creating a massive shift in how the modern
world cools, heats and lives.”

Consistent with this design philosophy, Phononic today announced its
exclusive design collaboration with Bryte
, the sleep technology company, to vastly improve sleep quality
via embedded cooling and heating zones in the world’s most intelligent
sleep platform, the BRYTE Bed.

“Our mission at Bryte Labs is to reimagine sleep by combining sleep
science, artificial intelligence, and a dynamic sensory experience, of
which a major part of that is temperature,” said John Tompane,
Co-Founder and CEO of Bryte Labs. “We were looking for a solution,
worthy of our leading technology, that could be seamlessly embedded into
our sleep platform, and we found that Phononic’s solid-state
thermoelectric technology was the most innovative solution to cool and
heat the BRYTE Bed.”

To learn more about designing and partnering with Phononic, visit here.

About Phononic
Phononic is innovating semiconductor chips
that reimagine cooling and heating in ways never thought possible. Its
breakthrough solid-state technology is transforming industries and
creating new markets with innovative and sustainable solutions that
disrupt antiquated business models and incumbent technologies. This
includes changing the way we cool telecommunications driving the 5G
revolution; safeguarding drugs and highly-sensitive pharmaceuticals in
labs and hospitals; transporting and merchandising foods and beverages;
and building innovative microclimate environments for the home or
office. Phononic is the critical element of innovation needed to
radically change what it means to be efficient, effective and
sustainable, enabling solutions that combat global warming and use up to
40 percent less energy. Just as LEDs displaced the lightbulb, Phononic’s
Thermal Engine™ and integrated systems design are rendering compressors
and other traditional technologies obsolete — allowing designers,
engineers and industry leaders to reimagine products that cool and heat.
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