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PieMatrix Offers Free COVID-19 Back to Business Tool with CDC Content Hidden by Trump Administration

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PieMatrix Inc. (“Pie”) announced two free action plan tools to help employers go Back to Business and Back to Isolation with COVID-19 detailed CDC Opening Up America Again Framework that was shelved by the Trump Administration.

Pie has revealed the hidden CDC guideline process content and organized it in a simpler way for step-by-step execution, accountability, and governance by employers.

“I believe it’s my duty to make this politically rejected CDC content available to our business community in our tool for free. It’s not public health versus the economy, but rather both working together as they are tightly intertwined,” said Paul Dandurand, CEO, and Founder of Pie.

The challenge with the COVID-19 CDC website content is that it’s not written as actionable checklists for managing accountability and progress.

Pie eliminated this challenge with a visual tool with simple-to-execute tasks that can be assigned to people, given due dates, and monitored for progress. Each task includes how-to knowledge from CDC and other sources. Employers can use it as-is or modify as needed with drag and drop features.

The two action plans work together so businesses can go in either direction depending on reducing or increasing virus waves and spikes.

  1. Free Import Page: COVID-19 Employers Back to Business Action Plan
  2. Free Import Page: COVID-19 Employers Back to Isolation Action Plan

“The sooner we all work together with the right steps, the better we can keep people safe and the faster we can get the economy permanently back on its feet,” said Paul Dandurand.

The COVID-19 processes are made to be imported into the Pie process and project management web application. They can be easily customized as scalable “pandemic recipes” and then executed as projects over and over for any pandemic or epidemic needs.

About PieMatrix:

Pie is a visual project and process management web application for executing repeatable processes to improve business end results. Please visit Go to the Pie Recipe Store to find more or business and hospital COVID-19 action plans.