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PiiQ Partners With Webhose to Add Human Layer Risk to Partner Risk Assessments

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PiiQ Media, in partnership with Webhose, now delivers accurate, up-to-the-minute risk posture to solve specific clients’ risk management needs across a wide range of verticals at a speed and scale yet unknown in the risk mitigation space.

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Changing Third Party Risk Management Assessments to include Human Layer Vulnerability Insights in minutes! #TPRM (Graphic: Business Wire)

Changing Third Party Risk Management Assessments to include Human Layer Vulnerability Insights in minutes! #TPRM (Graphic: Business Wire)

The quick and efficient access to filtered, relevant data from Webhose’s data breach detection service allows PiiQ to deliver parametric cyber risk evaluations on partner ecosystems in a fraction of the time it once did. PiiQ first partnered with Webhose to add its open web monitoring, which includes comprehensive coverage of millions of sites from news, blogs, discussions and reviews. It later followed up by adding Webhose’s dark web monitoring, which includes the daily crawling of millions of dark web sites, files, marketplaces and forums.

As risk assessment quickly becomes essential for enterprise organizations across all verticals, the need for more open and dark web data has increased. Although cybersecurity attacks have evolved in sophistication in recent years, the tools to fight these attacks have not. More specifically, business email compromise (BEC) has increased over 200% during the first month of COVID-19 and continues to rise. This type of attack most often includes the theft of personal data by exploiting the human layer to infiltrate the organization. Realizing risk technology that includes the human layer to tabulate risk is pivotal.

In addition, with 80% of all successful attacks delivered via spear phishing, the personal information of the most visible employees such as executives, is at the highest level of risk. PiiQ’s scoring and risk management technology assesses organizations’ risk through the use of Webhose’s comprehensive open web and dark web data. The new partnership allows customers of PiiQ Risk HQ to now access Webhose’s data breach detection service to score risk factors that affect an organization’s overall security, including compromised credentials, executive and employee exposures, and other technical exposures – with ease. Webhose’s data breach detection includes compromised credentials that move beyond the standard detection of personally identifiable information (PII) such as compromised emails and passwords to include user identification, credit card numbers, account names, social security numbers, phone numbers, and more.

“We are excited to deliver PiiQ access to the most recent data breaches that include up to 5 years of compromised history so that they can deliver fast automated risk assessments to the world’s largest enterprises and detect and mitigate the risk of stolen personal data,” says Liran Sorani, Webhose’s Cyber Business Unit Manager.

This increased coverage from Webhose also adds the human element to these larger organization’s risk assessment that is unlike any other product on the market. This human element enables PiiQ’s technology to provide organizations with risk data delivery of customized cyber risk markers, which measures the propensity for overall enterprise and partnership vulnerabilities.

“Partner Risk Assessments and TPRM continue to expand as a top focus to drive security measures forward, however, until now, human layer attack vulnerability was never factored into this risk posture automation. This solution is a game changer since we know 98% of attacks are delivered through email,” says Aaron Barr, CO-Founder and CTO.

PiiQ Media will hold a joint webinar with Webhose to discuss employee PII and partner risk postures and how being able to segment those with higher risk or more secure risk posture baselines can drive enterprise data security forward efficiently. Join us on December 16, 2020. Register here.

PiiQ Media

PiiQ Media is a deep analytics solution provider that collects and quickly delivers precise risk posture data interpreted into digestible and implementable risk management tasks. PiiQ’s solutions are used by MSP / MSSPs and enterprises for security professionals to easily protect end clients from threat actors that attack “humanware.” Personal data is most commonly stolen and used during an attacker’s reconnaissance then used to exploit the human layer to infiltrate an organization. PiiQ identifies and protects the humans exposed data and the organization, to build stronger intelligence that creates an impenetrable human firewall. PiiQ’s awareness training helps end users to identify social engineering leaks with prescriptive measures to shore up exposed personally identifiable information (PII), unique to each end user. At PiiQ People Are the New Perimeter.


Webhose is the leading data collection provider turning unstructured web content into machine-readable data feeds. It delivers comprehensive, up-to-the-minute coverage of the open web that includes millions of news articles and blog posts in addition to vast coverage of online discussions, forums, and review sites in all languages. Webhose also offers a dark web monitoring and data breach detection service that provides coverage of the dark networks and includes millions of sites, files, marketplaces, and messaging platforms crawled daily.