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PlaceCPM Ranks Among Top Ten “Best Budgeting and Forecasting Software” Solutions by Independent Review Site G2

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Launched just 15 months ago, PlaceCPM skyrockets to the third-highest customer-rated product in the category.

“Intuitive and powerful” SaaS solution PlaceCPM has emerged as a front-runner in the Best Budgeting and Forecasting category on independent reviews site G2, scoring the highest marks possible for key customer satisfaction metrics.

The prestigious site, which assesses products based on customer reviews and other indicators, designates PlaceCPM as a “High Performer” in its “Spring 2021” grid report, which gives a snapshot of relative product performance by category. And on the live site, Place’s momentum continues as it climbs the rankings.

A workflow product built specifically for finance teams and launched in January 2020, the PlaceCPM solution focuses on connecting the flow of financial data. According to customer reviews, it is “flexible and adaptable,” “a game-changer,” and “an important part of how we make quick decisions.”

Customers go on to say, “We are now able to get a clear and transparent view of our finances, where we’re at, and where we can improve.” Another observes, “PlaceCPM allows us to quickly re-adjust our forecasts in a timely fashion.” And another goes on to say, “PlaceCPM has really helped with us getting close to a customer 360 view of all our data.”

Brandon Metcalf, Founder and CEO of Place Technology, said, “The best part of building a software company is having customers who love the product. Customer value is at the heart of everything we do at Place and it is wonderful to see this coming through in our performance in the G2 grid. We are building a community of dynamic, fast-growing businesses and we look forward to helping them to achieve even greater success.”

“We set out to build PlaceCPM to solve the many challenges finance teams face and that we lived while scaling a previous venture to a global company,” Brandon explained. “It gives finance teams a live view of company performance. That helps to create more accurate forecasts, and to plan and carry-out strategy faster and with fewer resources.”

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About Place Technology

Founded in 2018 by serial entrepreneurs Brandon Metcalf and Kabe VanderBaan, Place Technology is the modern finance platform for technology and service companies. Place Technology’s core solution, PlaceCPM, streamlines finance processes and produces financial forecasts and reports with greater business impact in less time. Armed with connected live data and an arsenal of accurate, on-demand reports and dashboards that combine accounting and finance with the business, companies can improve operational efficiency and enhance profitability. For more information, visit