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PlanetiQ Selects ATLAS Space Operations to Provide TT&C and Data Services for Constellation of Weather Satellites

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ATLAS Space Operations, Inc., a leading innovator in ground
communications for the space industry, today announced an agreement to
augment PlanetiQ’s ground station operations and provide telemetry,
commanding, and data support for PlanetiQ’s constellation of 20 small
satellites. ATLAS will support the Low Earth Orbit (LEO) constellation
via their global network of ground stations.

PlanetiQ’s initial set of satellites launches in the fall of 2019, with
the “Pyxis” — a fourth generation radio occultation (RO) instrument
powerful enough to provide over 10 times the amount of data than current
operational RO sensors are providing. The Pyxis regularly detects
atmospheric conditions to the surface of the planet with high resolution
temperatures, pressures and water vapor content. PlanetiQ’s
constellation is slated to collect over 50,000 soundings per day, evenly
distributed around the globe.

ATLAS is tasked with providing uplink and downlink communications
services for PlanetiQ from their robust network of ground stations –
ensuring reliability and low latency data delivery.

“I am greatly looking forward to working with PlanetiQ,” Said Mike
Carey, Chief Strategy Officer and Co-Founder of ATLAS. “We have an
incredible team and product, and we are thrilled to have been entrusted
with the opportunity to work high end weather missions with COSMIC-2’s
and now PlanetiQ’s GNSS-RO missions.”

Currently the ATLAS network consists of 31 operational and planned
antennas globally employing Freedom™, a proprietary software platform
that allows for seamless customer integration into the communication
network while optimizing all mission critical components and providing
automated pass scheduling. The cloud-based software approach makes
communicating with both commercial and U.S. civil spacecraft simpler and
more cost effective by reducing capital expenditures at every ground
entry point.

ATLAS Space Operations is at SATELLITE 2019 at the Walter E. Washington
Convention Center in Washington, D.C. from May 6-9, at booth 2142.
There, attendees can learn more about this partnership. ATLAS industry
experts will also be on hand to discuss the latest trends in space
communications, including technology, security and the new space
economy. To book interviews, please use the contact information below.

About ATLAS Space Operations

ATLAS Space Operations, Inc., based in Traverse City, Michigan, empowers
global access to space through FreedomTM, a simple solution
for processing and analyzing data from space, through a global antenna
network, powered by a revolutionary cloud-based software. ATLAS’s
forward-thinking communications solutions are transforming the space
industry by making ground communications simple, affordable and scalable
than ever before. For more information on ATLAS Space Operations, please