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PMG Launches Marketing Intelligence Platform — Meet Alli

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a global, independent digital company today introduced Alli, the
company’s proprietary marketing intelligence platform that unifies
advertisers’ data from disparate systems, providing immediate business
insights and actions at scale.

As the digital industry becomes increasingly complex, and data ownership
and privacy practices face more regulatory scrutiny, consumers’ demand
for better, more relevant advertising and content experiences has only
grown stronger. Today’s marketers are now tasked with externally
delivering personalized messaging while improving performance and
upholding privacy compliance. With advertisers also facing walled
gardens and losing access to third-party data, technology that drives
enhanced performance and a level of human connection has not been
possible until Alli.

“Alli helps brands reimagine their marketing investments, enabling
marketers to easily create more effective campaigns and truly improve
overall customer lifetime value,” said George Popstefanov, CEO, PMG.
“Brand marketers are increasingly expected to deliver in the face of
changing data practices and an abundance of data points. With Alli,
we’re giving brands a single view of their data so together, we can
consistently build campaigns on a very personalized, human level.”

PMG’s Alli was built with consideration for the fact that to understand
customer behavior, marketers must connect the millions of untethered
data points across different platforms, and connect publisher data to
internal CRM and business performance data in order to gain better
insights and provide a clear path to action.

Alli enables brands to granularly segment key data sets to answer and
provide actionable recommendations to business-critical questions across
specific audience cohorts, demographics and characteristics. This
capability ensures they can create insights-driven, personalized and
effective campaigns that better engage customers on an individual level.
By identifying their customers’ tendencies and measuring behavior in
real-time, brands can take swift action to optimize entire campaigns –
answering questions such as “which advertising channels are
performing better than others?”
and “what is my best-performing
creative content?”

With Alli, brands gain a competitive advantage through the following key
data activities: data aggregation, cleansing and normalization,
automation, and activation. No matter how many internal and external
data sources a brand has, Alli consolidates data to help better inform
decision-making. And in doing so, Alli gives brands full ownership of
their data, eliminates data silos and allows marketers to evaluate
campaigns on a more granular level so they can increase audience reach,
engagement and conversion. On average, PMG customers have connected over
30 different sources of data, including internal business data and
external publishers’ performance information.

The main components and integrated services as part of Alli include:

  • Data Management — creates a common language for all of the
    brand’s data, with consistency, accuracy and security.
  • Insights and Visualization — allows the brand to distill the
    right information and answer the hardest questions, providing new
    levels of understanding, quality and trust in decision-making.
  • Actions and Automation — gives brands the power to unlock new
    ways of connecting with audiences at scale through speed to market,
    efficiency and peace of mind.

In addition to these core services, Alli was built to also tackle
unique, complex business challenges through custom-built solutions. By
utilizing the underlying components of the platform, PMG’s Alli can be
tailored to meet any brands’ needs with flexibility and scale.

Alli has been several years in the making by combining PMG’s four core
technology products into one integrated and cohesive platform. Alli
unlocks access and visibility into brands’ own data, allowing PMG
services to activate marketing campaigns at scale globally. Alli is
already in action across 100% of PMG’s clients. When it comes to
creating digital marketing campaigns with publishers like Google, over
50% of PMG’s media investment is being driven by first- and third-party
audience data which has consistently driven better performance.

“The consumer journey is more complex than ever before, and people
expect more from your ads as a result,” said Vicky Homan, Global Product
Lead, Google. “Tools that can combine your data across disparate sources
hold the key to making ads relevant, immediate and useful for your
customers in light of these heightened expectations.”

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