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Portfolio Management Research (PMR) presents a new, comprehensive database of investment management research

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IPR Journals, formerly II Journals, today announced a new name and new branding, Portfolio Management Research (PMR), to reflect the radically improved research service that it now offers to its subscribers.

Through its newly developed online platform, Portfolio Management Research gives subscribers full access to content from across its 13 portfolio management journals. Users can now search and browse more than 10,000 new and historical articles, regardless of which journal they were originally published in, whilst new channels – Topics, Authors, Collections and Highlights – make content more discoverable.

Simon Middelboe, Chief Strategy Officer at PMR owner Pageant Media, stated, “While the individual journals, many of which have been published for decades, remain incredibly important to us and the investment management community, it is access to our full collection of content and the research presented by our prominent contributors, that deliver subscribers maximum value.”

“Our aim with PMR is to deliver tangible outcomes to our subscribers through our practical, actionable research.”

Under its former guise of II Journals, Portfolio Management Research solidified itself as the trusted source of independent financial research for all within the investment management community, providing research to the sector since 1974, with the first edition of The Journal of Portfolio Management.

The quality of its research is reflected by the caliber of its authors. Attracting contributions from prominent financial figures, including Nobel Laureates and leading practitioners at major investment firms, the research PMR publishes puts theory into practice in a manner that is directly relatable and understandable for all investment professionals.

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For more information about this change, please contact Rosie Instance, Marketing Manager of Portfolio Management Research.

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About Pageant Media

Pageant Media is an independent, global provider of insights products, enriched by proprietary data, to the fund management industry. Pageant is unique in its complete offering of data, insights and events on a membership basis to assist in the business of asset raising.

An innovative, ambitious and highly profitable company, Pageant Media continues to grow rapidly, regularly expanding its product range with new launches, ensuring that the business delivers consistently relevant, quality insight and solutions to each of its markets. The business has users globally and offices in London, Cardiff, New York and Hong Kong.

About Portfolio Management Research

Portfolio Management Research (PMR) is the leading source of independent research for the investment management community. Formerly known as II Journals, it was purchased by Pageant Media in January 2018, updating its name to IPR Journals in June of that year to reflect the new ownership. Since its acquisition it has undergone significant improvements, its new offering provides subscribers access to the most comprehensive investment research database available.