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Position Imaging and Hitachi-LG Data Storage Deepen Partnership to Extend Sales Reach to APAC

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Position Imaging, a pioneer in logistics fulfillment and asset tracking, and Hitachi-LG Data Storage (HLDS), a global solution provider specializing in optical technology, are further expanding their partnership to extend Position Imaging’s reach to rapidly developing emerging markets. HLDS will offer Position Imaging’s iPickup™ product line to retailers and property management companies within the APAC region. The iPickup™ product line, including the company’s Smart Package Room™ system, with its self-service option aims to alleviate retail and residential frustrations with slow pick-up processes and solve business challenges related to restrictive, costly storage lockers and overextended staff.

Position Imaging’s innovations in package fulfillment and asset tracking span from industrial settings to retail stores to residential buildings. The iPickup™ product enables more efficient eCommerce fulfillment processes including Buy Online, Pick-up In Store (BOPIS) experiences, while the Smart Package Room™facilitates simple, secure package management for multi-unit residential properties.

This partnership builds on an established relationship that began with HLDS driving hardware design and production for Position Imaging’s Amoeba™ computer vision module, the company’s unique vision, light, and laser guidance sensor. Working with Position Imaging and Intel, HLDS has been instrumental in creating an innovative and robust production design and preparing its manufacturing arm for the high-volume requirements of Amoeba™ products.

HLDS, a joint venture established by LG Electronics and Hitachi Ltd., has been the global leader in the optical drive industry since 2001 and has shipped more than 1.4 billion units since its inception. The company is leveraging its experience and established customer networks in the APAC region to extend the reach of Position Imaging’s iPickup™ product line, expand HLDS’ product offerings and increase sales volume for the Amoeba™ computer vision module.

“Our strong partnership with HLDS continues to be a big part of our success,” said Ned Hill, CEO, Position Imaging. “The incredible work they did on our Amoeba computer vision module enabled us to focus on our core strengths and create the platform behind the hardware. Now, with the success of that first product, we are excited to expand the relationship to include sales and service in the Asia Pacific market and to leverage HLDS’ sales resources and customer networks. The Asia Pacific market presents a wide range of opportunities for our iPickup line, both residential and retail, and we are thrilled to open this market with HLDS.”

“The ongoing momentum and promise we see in Position Imaging and their technology is exciting,” said S.H., Kim, Chief Marketing Officer, HLDS. “Their asset location technologies are poised to completely change how the logistics space operates by enabling more accurate tracking of goods, packages and other assets compared to other solutions. We believe the retail market will have great interest in this new self-service approach for BOPIS and, with the large and growing number of multi-unit residential communities in APAC, the Smart Package Room is a much-needed solution right now.”

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About Position Imaging

Position Imaging is a technology company focused on innovations to improve the logistics industry. The company opened its research lab in Portsmouth, NH in 2006 and has been quietly creating the most advanced, accurate and novel tracking technologies in the world. Its first product, Smart Package Room, has been a huge success in the multi-unit residential market and is now being adapted to retail to improve BOPIS and related eCommerce fulfillment operations.

Hitachi-LG Data-Storage, Inc.

Hitachi-LG Data Storage, a global solution provider specializing in optical technology, was founded in 2000 as a joint venture of Hitachi, Ltd. and LG Electronics Inc. and is based on Tokyo, Japan. The company also specializes in designing, development, manufacturing and promoting optical solution products such as sensors (2D/3D LiDAR, laser PM1.0/2.5 dust sensor), displays (AR glasses, laser-MEMS head up display for automobile), optical disc drive and wireless charger. For more information, visit