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Position Imaging Selects Bell and Howell for Service and Training

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Position Imaging, Inc., an innovative provider of advanced tracking technologies, and Bell and Howell, the leading provider of automated pickup solutions, announced a new joint training and demonstration facility located at Bell and Howell’s headquarters in Durham, North Carolina.

The companies have created a new Smart Package Room® and iPickup center that will provide service training and customer demonstration capabilities. The facility will be used for customer demonstrations, as well as to train and certify Bell and Howell service technicians on the installation and service of these new package management systems for multi-unit residential, shared workspace, and retail locations.

“This training facility will enable us to train and certify Bell and Howell installation and service teams across the country as we expand our installed base in the retail and e-commerce arena as well as our residential installations,” said Mike Rowell, Position Imaging’s Director of Service and Hardware. “Bell and Howell is a world class service and training organization, and I am very excited to continue our work on this new platform.”

The Smart Package Room and iPickup solutions are powered by Position Imaging’s pioneering computer vision and light guidance platform, called Amoeba®, to provide secure, simple, and intuitive package handling. Both solutions enable self-service package delivery by couriers, resident or customer notification of package arrival, and secure voice and light guidance for self-service package pickup.

The solutions represent a major disruption in the package fulfillment process for residential, commercial, and retail “BOPIS” operations. Now, residential and commercial buildings as well as retail stores can use existing rooms or even just wall space to provide a complete self-service package management solution. Position Imaging’s unique technologies can scale easily and quickly to satisfy increasing volume demands enabling any sized facility to operate an advanced eCommerce fulfillment operation without requiring package lockers or large upfront costs.

“As self-service pickup continues to gain momentum, innovative solutions, such as these, help enable secure package pickup” said Christopher Hill, Bell and Howell’s Vice President and General Manager of Automated Pickup Solutions. “We are excited to add our award-winning training and service capabilities to the solutions Position Imaging is bringing to the market.”

The solutions “watch” packages as they are delivered, monitoring their exact location from the moment they are placed in the room or on the shelf until they are picked up, even if they are moved before pickup. Once a package is received, an alert is sent to the recipient with a photo of the package and an entry pin for room or area access.

Upon pickup, the resident or customer inputs the unique entry pin onto a kiosk or wall mounted monitor which triggers a digital map of the room on the screen with the target package illuminated. As the person enters the room or package holding area, audio instructions, light and even laser guidance direct the customer to the package making the process simple, fast, and intuitive. Even if the customer happens to take the wrong package, the system will notify the person of the mistake, guiding them to their intended package, preventing lost or incorrectly picked up packages.

About Position Imaging, Inc.

Position Imaging opened its research lab in Portsmouth, NH in 2006. Since its inception, the company has created the most advanced tracking technologies in the world focused on improving the efficiency of various processes used throughout the logistics chain, especially during last mile delivery. More information can be found at:

About Bell and Howell

Bell and Howell is one of the largest and most sophisticated service organizations in North America, leveraging innovative technologies and unrivaled service capabilities to help its customers increase efficiency, reduce costs, and improve their customer experience.

Boasting a rich history and expertise in mechatronics and workflow efficiency, the company delivers comprehensive automation solutions in retail click-and-collect, production mail, and pharmaceutical factory intelligence. Headquartered in Durham, N.C., Bell and Howell has more than 800 highly-skilled field technicians, 24/7/365 customer service and technical support centers, as well as advanced remote monitoring and diagnostic capabilities.