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Postman Announces Unlimited API Collaboration for Small Teams

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Postman, the leading platform for API development, today announced it now allows any team with up to three members to collaborate in Postman with unlimited shared workspaces and unlimited shared requests at no cost. With 15 million users around the world, Postman is committed to helping everyone work with APIs more easily, and this new enhancement is a key part of that effort, eliminating a cost barrier and enabling small teams to take full advantage of the platform’s API collaboration capabilities.

Over the years, Postman has worked tirelessly to address the demand for widespread API collaboration among developers. This includes Postman team and private workspaces, which enable developers to share Postman components with collaborators and effectively organize work. Most recently, Postman launched public workspaces, the first massively multiplayer API experience, to enable people from different teams or different companies—virtually anyone, really—to communicate and work together to build software in a way that was never possible before.

“Postman has continuously made more and more powerful features available to our free tier since we started,” said Abhinav Asthana, co-founder and CEO of Postman. “Developers at startups, non-profits, and universities, along with hobbyists, have been telling us how critical collaborating through Postman has become when it comes to API development. Today, we’re excited about launching free and unlimited collaboration for these teams. We can’t wait to see what they do next.”

New collaboration details for each Postman plan:

  • Existing Postman Free plan users with up to three team members now have unlimited shared workspaces and requests.
  • Existing Postman Free plan users with four or more team members will automatically be transitioned to a 30-day free trial of unlimited users on the Postman Free plan, unlocking unlimited shared workspaces and requests. At the end of the trial period, users can continue using the product with unlimited requests but will no longer be able to add new team members without upgrading to one of Postman’s paid plans.
  • Existing Postman Team plan and Postman Business plan users will continue to have access to more integrations, Postman API calls, API documentation views, mock server calls, and monitoring API calls. They also will continue to have the ability to recover deleted collections.
  • Users not currently on a team will experience no changes based on this update.

To learn more about unlimited collaboration for small teams, read Postman’s blog post.

About Postman

Postman is the leading collaboration platform for API development, used by more than 15 million developers and 800,000 organizations worldwide. Postman is an elegant, flexible platform that is used to build connected software via APIs—quickly, easily, and accurately. Postman is headquartered in San Francisco and has an office in Bangalore, where the company was founded. Postman is privately held, with funding from Insight Partners, Nexus Venture Partners, and CRV. Learn more at or connect with Postman on Twitter via @getpostman.