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Potomac Fund Management Partners with Geneos Wealth Management; Models Now Available for Geneos’ 300 Financial Advisors

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Potomac Fund Management, Inc. (“Potomac”), a boutique investment strategist, is pleased to announce that its model portfolios are now available on the Axiom RIA platform available to Geneos Wealth Management, which serves 300 financial advisors managing upwards of $3 billion of client assets.

In addition to the Geneos deal, Potomac was recently added to the Fidelity Separate Account Network, and maintains partnerships with Envestnet, Adhesion, SMArtX, and Orion, to name a few. The adoption of Potomac’s tactical models has skyrocketed as evidenced by the year over year growth of the models on the Envestnet platform alone, which recently crossed 469%. Overall, Potomac is growing at a brisk pace across all business lines.

“At Geneos, we are always looking for hidden gems out in the industry to assess, and if they pass our rigorous due diligence, bring them into the fold for our advisors,” said Dean Rager, Executive Vice President, Geneos. “In this case Potomac fits the bill to a tee. We’re excited to embark on a long and prosperous relationship with them.”

“We take a great deal of pride in our models, and the fact that they are being implicitly validated by such an abundance of industry interest from some of the most respected investment platforms, speaks volumes,” said Manish Khatta, President, Potomac. “We believe in financial advisors and the great work they do for clients. We want our model portfolios to meet their needs and be available where the advisor wants to access them. It is nice to see our core approach continuing to impress Geneos and others. We’re thrilled to add value for their advisors.”

About Potomac Fund Management

Headquartered in Miami, Florida, Potomac Fund Management (“Potomac”) is a boutique investment strategist for financial advisors. With strategies available on numerous platforms including Envestnet, SMArtX, and Orion Portfolio Solutions, the Union UMA platform, and a direct offering, Potomac supports advisors with the resources best suited for their individual businesses. Each avenue is built on Potomac’s core belief that financial success is about more than hitting a number twenty years into the future; it is about feeling confident as you get there.

About Geneos Wealth Management

Built from the ground-up by successful advisors and back office experts that understand advisors, Geneos seeks to foster a culture of caring, professionalism, and progressive problem-solving backed by a proven track record of success – an environment where advisors can truly thrive. Geneos is a firm that reflects the needs of successful, driven advisors, a firm that prioritizes concierge services and fostering connectivity. Geneos is very purposeful when selecting the advisors we work with. On one hand, it allows us to preserve the highly personalized, relationship-focused nature of our firm. On the other, it ensures that we only work with the most successful, highly qualified advisors in our industry.