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Powell Software Launches Onboarding Templates to Reduce New Employee Acclimation Time Through Microsoft 365 and Teams

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Powell Software, a company focused on creating digital solutions built on Microsoft 365 and tools for optimizing the Digital Workplace experience, today announces the launch of Onboarding Templates. This new package allows HR managers to create powerful onboarding environments in just minutes with pre-defined templates built into Powell Intranet and Powell Teams.

With more companies opting to shift to remote or hybrid structures as a response to the pandemic, HR managers have faced the challenge of efficiently onboarding new employees that may have never set foot in the office since being hired. They have also been tasked with immersing new hires into the company culture and facilitating connections between supervisors, mentors and other coworkers.

“We’re excited to launch Onboarding Templates to help organizations build hybrid workplaces and add to our roster of easy-to-use templates for our customers. We look forward to continuing our mission of helping them connect to their employees and to digitize their critical business processes by making new technologies for Microsoft accessible” says Mathieu Silbermann, CPO of Powell Software.

With the new Onboarding Templates, HR managers can create the following spaces for new employees in just a few clicks:

● A customized intranet page with a dedicated onboarding section that includes materials like key documents, company contact information, welcome messages, corporate information, training documents and more.

● A personal Teams space that includes a 30-day plan, dedicated channels for communicating with supervisors and other team members and access to all department-specific materials.

Onboarding Templates make the process of creating Teams & intranet pages that are aligned with the established governance and naming conventions within the organization, which can be a time-consuming task, easily executed in minutes. This cuts down the time spent on getting employees set-up with the digital workplace and lets them focus on building relationships internally and gets them acclimated faster and efficiently.

The launch of Onboarding Templates builds upon Powell Software’s communication to IT governance. Powell intranet is an out of the box intranet solution designed to drive communication and collaboration between coworkers while boosting Office 365 usage. Powell Teams is an add-on application that accelerates Microsoft Teams adoption with intelligent features to enrich the user experience and optimize governance.

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About Powell Software

Powell Software is a global international software platform vendor, headquartered in France. In January 2020, Powell Software secured $16M in Series A fundraising. Powell Software’s mission is to connect organizations with employees through a complete Digital Workplace. This is achieved with the Powell 365, which is made up of two pillars: Powell Intranet for Corporate Communications and Employee Engagement and Powell Teams to enhance Microsoft Teams with governance for IT and improved usage and adoption for end-users. Its ready-to-use and customizable templates combine these pillars to transform business processes for hybrid work.

With 10 office locations across Europe, North America, Australia, the Middle East, Asia, and Africa and trusted by over 300 customers and 50 partners, Powell Software has won awards and recognition from Gartner & Clearbox, the best analysts in Digital Workplace. Leveraging its strong, worldwide partner network, Powell can answer customer needs efficiently and responsively. Learn more at