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PPB Capital Partners Provides Access to Premier Technology Venture Capital Managers

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PPB Capital Partners (“PPB” or “the Firm”), a provider of alternative investment solutions and streamlined processing for wealth advisors, has announced a strategic partnership that will increase access to premier technology venture capital managers.

As the world responds to the global pandemic there is no doubt that disruption and adaptation will shape the future of technology. But, for investors looking to gain access to this segment of the market it can be near impossible.

To help break down some of these barriers to entry, PPB recently partnered with an industry leading venture capital firm to provide the wealth advisor community with a vehicle to make investing in Silicon Valley based technology companies a possibility.

“While historically we have seen Software as a Service dominate the venture capital space, we are now seeing opportunities in the consumer, enterprise, bio/healthcare, crypto, and fintech spaces,” said Frank Burke, Chief Investment Officer of PPB Capital Partners. “The pandemic has forced industries that are often slower to evolve to develop new and disruptive technologies.”

Through PPB’s strategic partnerships and platform of alternative investment funds, the firm is in a unique position to be able to bring this type of exclusive investment opportunity to wealth advisors.

“PPB is committed to increasing access to both alternative strategies and premier managers that have historically only been available to institutional investors,” said Brendan W. Lake, Founder, President & CEO of PPB Capital Partners. “Our newest partnership will help wealth advisors and their clients gain access to Silicon Valley technology companies that are poised to deliver strong results for investors.”

About PPB Capital Partners

Launched in 2008, PPB Capital Partners, LLC (or “PPB” or “the Firm”) brings premiere alternative investment solutions and streamlined processing to the wealth advisor community. PPB Capital Partners provides a roster of alternative investment managers, as well as builds and operates feeder funds and customized fund of funds for wealth advisory firms.

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