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PQS Trend Report Reveals Consumer Perceptions Towards Pharmacist Roles and How Pharmacies and Payers May Respond

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Pharmacy Quality Solutions (PQS), the leading technology provider of
performance management services, released new findings from its first
Trend Report in Pharmacy Quality. The inaugural report revealed
perceptions from consumers on pharmacist-provided services including
differences among current and future roles. The report also examined
community pharmacy readiness for outcomes-based measurement and areas
where payers and community pharmacies can connect to improve performance
and optimize medication outcomes.

Specifically, in a consumer assessment of pharmacy use and vaccine
administration, PQS found 40 percent of the respondents had never
received a vaccine at a pharmacy, yet 55 percent of these respondents
stated they were either comfortable or very comfortable receiving them
at a pharmacy. The insights on pharmacy vaccine administration and
consumer comfort levels reveal a large opportunity to increase
utilization overall, especially among certain pharmacy types.

Respondents representing community pharmacies also indicated point of
care testing and biometric screening capabilities were areas of growth
and focus, affirming pharmacy’s commitment to optimizing treatment

This fall, PQS will release a supplement to the Trend Report which will
contain data driven insights to help payers and pharmacies learn about
unique population trends and quality measures through its expanding data
science capabilities.

“We believe the information contained in the report will help make
conversations and interests more transparent across consumers,
pharmacies and payers, so stakeholders can have a more common language
as they plan new programs in the future,” says PQS Vice President of
Client Relations and Services Todd Sega, PharmD.

Sega first presented the Trend Report in Pharmacy Quality during a
general session at the Pharmacy Quality Alliance (PQA) 2019 Annual
Meeting in Baltimore, MD May 17, 2019.

The report is currently available at
or visit
for a direct download.

PQS worked with a committee of industry representatives across payers,
community pharmacies and external research partners to guide the
approach and survey development. Surveys were administered in March and
April to consumers, national and regional pharmacies, and payers.

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