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Praeses Presents Its Rook Platform at Second Onramp of Joint Force’s Advanced Battle Management System Field Test

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Praeses, a national leader in software and mobile application development services, participated in the second onramp of the Joint Force’s Advanced Battle Management System (ABMS) field test at Andrews Air Force Base, MD, held August 31 through September 3. The invitation-only event was conducted by the Department of the Air Force, in partnership with U.S. Northern Command and U.S. Space Command.

ABMS, the top modernization priority for the Department of the Air Force, with a budget of $3.3 billion, will become the military’s command and control backbone in partnership with all the services across the Department of Defense. The broader effort, known as Joint All-Domain Command and Control (JADC2), will allow U.S. forces from all services—as well as allies—to receive, fuse, and act upon a vast array of data and information in all domains at the speed of relevance.

In the onramp, operators used ABMS to detect and defeat efforts to disrupt U.S. operations in space, in addition to countering attacks against the U.S. homeland, including shooting down a cruise missile “surrogate” with a hypervelocity weapon. The ABMS allows a joint force to use cutting-edge methods and technologies to rapidly collect, analyze, and share information and make decisions in real time.

Praeses presented its data fusion technology solution, the Rook Platform—a series of distinct, highly adaptable capabilities for data ingestion, data management, data access, data dissemination, and data fusion that includes end-user tools that leverage this fused data. The Rook Platform unifies data from many systems across many networks regardless of data standards and requires no modification to existing systems.

“We were pleased to demonstrate our Rook Platform at the onramp. It performed exactly as engineered,” said Chris Nolen, Director of the Government Programs Division at Praeses. “Throughout the exercise, we were able to seamlessly integrate with multiple vendor architectures, which included ingesting data from capabilities we had never encountered until we arrived for the exercise. Data from across the mission space was fused together to provide operators with a comprehensive view of what was happening and allowed our forces to take rapid action. The Rook Platform definitely proved its worthiness.”

This most recent onramp (the first was held in December) included 70 industry teams, 65 government teams from every service including the Coast Guard, 35 military platforms, 30 geographic locations, and four national test ranges—all contributing to what officials say could be the largest joint experiment in recent history.

“Future battlefields will be characterized by information saturation and one of the key objectives of this onramp was to present a dizzying array of information for participants to synthesize, just like they would see in a real operation,” said Dr. Will Roper, Assistant Secretary of the Air Force for acquisition, technology and logistics. “This compelled commanders and operators to trust data analytics and artificial intelligence to understand the battle. Valuing data as an essential warfighting resource, one no less vital than jet fuel or satellites, is the key to next-gen warfare.”

“Praeses was honored to be a key participant at this event and to present our Rook Platform within such a challenging environment,” said Adam Rosen, CEO of Praeses. “Being a part of this important demonstration and contributing to innovation in action were remarkable. As a company, Praeses is committed to engineering excellence as well as to the continued development of ABMS.”

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