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Predictive Analytics in Cybersecurity: How Does It Help Prevent a Data Breach | Quantzig

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Predictive analytics is finding numerous applications across industries. As such, the role of predictive analytics in helping businesses identify security threats has taken center stage. Quantzig recently conducted a survey to understand the concerns around cybersecurity, which revealed that more than 70% of organizations were facing huge financial loses due to data breaches.

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Predictive analytics leverages a combination of historical data and statistical algorithms to gauge future outcomes, monitor network activity, and report real-time data. This empowers businesses to monitor threats and cyber attacks in real-time without needing to know the attack’s exact signature, thereby filling the current gap that exists in fraud detection and prevention. Besides, predictive analytics can also help detect irregularities in traffic flow and data, notifying businesses even before the attack occurs.

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Predictive analytics will redefine the cybersecurity landscape

In the current business scenario, signature-based cybersecurity solutions still play a pivotal role in data security. But businesses today are slowly catching up with the trends and are now moving into the realm of advanced cybersecurity that leverages techniques and methodologies that match the levels of increasingly sophisticated hackers. As such, it is evident that in the future, organizations can devise a hybrid data security model by integrating the efforts of both bots and humans, wherein bots will be deployed solely for identifying irregularities. In contrast, humans can focus on patching, fortifying, and protecting the data management system.

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