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Predictive Analytics Platform Predata Launches U.S. Equities Offering

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Predata, the predictive analytics company for anticipating geopolitical
risk, today announced the release of a new suite of signals for U.S.
equities. The signals quantify online attention and concern to each of
the eleven S&P equity sectors, as well as constituent companies and
macro themes within those sectors.

Financial market participants have found success in applying the Predata
suite of geopolitical risk signals to multiple asset classes, including
FX and commodities, but this marks the first dedicated offering for U.S.
equities. Predata customers are now able to use these new out-of-the box
signals to inform their perspective on the various equity sectors, going
from a macro view of sector themes all the way down to a single company.
These new signals round out Predata’s financial markets vertical, and
were built using the same methodology the company used to build its
industry-leading geopolitical risk signals. The Predata platform applies
machine learning techniques to transform web traffic data into
large-scale real-world insights.

“We’ve seen a great deal of client demand for Predata signals that
relate to equities,” said Mars Spencer, VP of Financial Markets for
Predata. “After conducting extensive research and tests to ensure the
signals would make a positive impact for clients, we’re pleased to
launch this new offering and are thrilled to see the responses from
users so far.”

In addition to this development, Predata added to its advisory board
Scott Nations, Chief Investment Officer of NationsShares, who brings a
wealth of experience in trading and financial engineering. “I have found
the Predata technology to be fascinating,” said Nations. “I’m excited to
help the Predata team continue to expand their offerings within both
buy-side and sell-side financial market participants.” Nations joins
Predata’s finance advisory board along several leading industry figures,
including Kyle Bass, Neal Brady, Ashby Monk and Emmanuel Derman.

Predata will continue to expand its offering over time, with plans to
include international equities and the Russell 3000 index. Prospective
users can learn more here.

This week, representatives from Predata will be attending Battlefin’s
Discovery Day in New York City June 19th and 20th, where they will be
presenting on how to derive insights from Predata.

About Predata (@Predata)

Predata uncovers predictive behavior by applying machine learning
techniques to online activity. The company has built the most
comprehensive predictive analytics platform for geopolitical risk,
enabling customers to discover, quantify and act on dynamic shifts in
online behavior. The Predata platform provides users with quantitative
measurements of digital concern and predictive indicators for different
types of risk events for any given country or topic. For further
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