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Predictive Diagnostics in the Automotive Sector: Reliably Forecast Vehicle Failures With IoT Sensor Data & Analytics | Quantzig

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Internet of Things (IoT) has impacted several business processes over the past few years. Its role in the predictive maintenance of vehicles has gained immense popularity due to its ability to transmit and receive vehicular diagnostics data within a fraction of seconds. Today it is not just the luxury cars that come embedded with IoT sensors, but almost all cars being manufactured have various kinds of inbuilt sensors, services, and devices that connect and work via the Internet. All these connections and sensors create a shared network for data transfer and automotive diagnostics.

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Benefits of Using IoT Sensor Data in the Automotive Sector

Benefits of Using IoT Sensor Data in the Automotive Sector

Quantzig, a leader in delivering scalable predictive analytics for businesses globally, conducted a detailed analysis of the role of IoT data in predictive diagnostics. Based on the outcome Quantzig has expanded its offerings to aid the current needs of automotive manufacturers. Request a FREE proposal to learn how you can benefit from our services.

Why predictive diagnostics using IoT data is crucial in today’s business milieu?

Predictive diagnostics facilitate prediction of the component and system condition and optimize the planning of maintenance tasks based on data transmitted from the IoT sensors embedded in the vehicles. This helps prevent unexpected vehicle failures through predictive maintenance scheduling and detection of system failures well in advance.

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According to the advanced analytics experts at Quantzig, “IoT data that is transmitted by sensors enables vehicle owners and manufactures to make vehicle-specific maintenance decisions in real-time, thereby preventing breakdowns and improving production processes throughout the life cycle of the vehicle.”

Recent collaborations with leading automotive manufacturing companies have helped our experts to gain a deep understanding of the automotive industry and the challenges facing companies in the current business setting. Interactions with key stakeholders and decision-makers have further helped us examine factors impacting business processes.

While considering the impact of innovation in the automotive sector, our experts suggest that those setting out to experiment must first analyze the criteria and develop changes on a small scale before deploying it for global applications. When using the IoT sensor data or while deploying IoT technology in the automotive sector, take your direction into account, says an advanced analytics expert. Since the end result might revolve around several factors like production schedules and vehicle condition monitoring, depending on the chosen direction, every business will need a unique approach to data analysis, which Quantzig can help implement.

Our team comprises of industry experts, data scientists, and analysts, all of whom are experienced in the field of IoT data analytics. Book a FREE Demo to learn how Quantzig’s proprietary analytics platforms and service offerings can help you determine the best suitable approach to thrive in the circular economy.

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