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PreEmptive Announces JSDefender

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RSA Conference — PreEmptive Solutions, LLC is pleased to announce the release of JSDefender, a tool used by software developers to protect JavaScript code from hacking, reverse engineering, and IP and data theft. Version 1.0 launched in January and version 1.2 is currently available for purchase.

JSDefender is PreEmptive’s first product offering in the JavaScript space, to help fill a void in code protection options in the marketplace. It protects JavaScript using a variety of code obfuscation transforms and active runtime checks. JSDefender, works with all types of JavaScript code: browser-based, mobile, desktop, or server. It supports TypeScript and integrates with popular bundling tools like webpack. Free JSDefender evaluations are available for download at and can be purchased as part of a PreEmptive Protection subscription.

PreEmptive CEO Gabriel Torok said: “Our customers expressed frustration with the lack of robust JavaScript code protection options. Given the popularity of JavaScript, and its usage in untrusted environments, we wanted to help them protect the value of their intellectual property and secure the sensitive data passing through their apps. Ultimately, it’s about protecting brand, revenue and providing customers with the solutions they need.”

PreEmptive has been offering application protection solutions to software developers for over 20 years, protecting .NET, Android, Java, iOS and now JavaScript applications. As the in-the-box solution in Microsoft Visual Studio, PreEmptive has built a reputation as an industry standard for in-app protection solutions. Over 5,000 customers in more than 100 countries choose PreEmptive as their trusted partner to protect the software applications they build.