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Preparing to Return to Campus After One Year, Easy Group/Easy Edu Announces Fall Academic Program

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University of Toronto has recently announced its mandatory vaccination “requirement” for returning to campus for the fall semester, which states that anyone entering campus must be vaccinated, and that Twice-weekly testing and negative results are still required for anyone not declaring full vaccination status, as previously announced, and have been tested negative within 72 hours of entering campus. This means that Canadian colleges and universities will be ready for the return of the fall semester and that the return to in-person courses is imminent.

In an environment where online and hybrid learning is expected to remain the norm for some time to come, Easy Group, a leading Canadian post-secondary tutoring provider, has announced its plans for the coming semester. The programme takes into account the current and future online and in-person learning environment and provides academic support for international students in a universally specialized curriculum to support academic success.

In response, Alex Guo, principal of UTSG Campus at Easy Education, said, “Easy Group has always adhered to the highest academic standards and strict academic regulations to maintain academic integrity. At this particular time in virtual teaching, tutoring organizations can be misunderstood as a way to help students take shortcuts in their studies and exams, but this is not the case at all. We are an organic adjunct to the classroom through our long-standing open-source knowledge and experience and by focusing on helping students, especially international students, to feel less isolated and to have access to richer and better quality learning resources to enhance the learning experience.” He also added that, “Easy Group is ready to help schools innovate and reform by helping them develop future plans through research, testimonials, data analysis, etc. Easy Group’s shared goal of helping students succeed in academics is one that we are always on the same page with universities, and this goal is not only applies to the past, but also to the post-pandemic period.”