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Preqin Launches Industry’s First Comprehensive Solution to Track and Compare ESG Data Across Alternative Assets

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Preqin has launched ESG Solutions, the first private market solution that enables clients to understand, track, and compare investors and fund managers using detailed ESG criteria.

Private markets have historically lacked transparency into investors’ and fund managers’ ESG track records and preferences because the industry did not have consistent and comparable data standards for reporting and disclosure. With ESG Solutions, Preqin aims to solve that challenge as part of its continuing goal to help alternatives industry professionals make fully informed decisions.

Preqin established a research and development program and partnered with more than 50 clients to determine how to identify, collect and track meaningful ESG data metrics in private markets.

ESG Solutions combines 37 data indicators sourced from leading industry frameworks, including SASB, UNPRI, ILPA, TCFD, and public ESG ratings providers. Preqin combines those frameworks with proprietary technology and its global research organization to track public ESG disclosures by private market participants. The result is an in-depth picture of ESG exposure across the industry.

ESG Solutions also features an innovative model to help LPs evaluate a fund’s ESG risk exposure. Preqin’s portfolio company data and taxonomy is aligned with risk factors identified in the SASB Materiality Map to create an at-a-glance view of operators’ ESG exposure.

“We believe that ESG is the future of the industry,” said Mark O’Hare, Preqin CEO, “but it’s a future that cannot be fully realized while every operator is measuring and comparing their exposure in different ways. ESG Solutions offers private markets a unified view that gives clear insight. We are thrilled to offer our clients a solution that’s a step-change in meeting the ESG data challenge. But we recognize that this is one step toward driving widespread adoption of ESG in private markets. We plan to continually engage with our clients and the industry on further product developments, dialogue, and education.”

ESG Solutions is now available as an upgrade for existing Preqin Pro subscribers. For more information, or to book a demo, please visit


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