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Press Ganey Report Provides Playbook to Power Transformation, ‘From Principles to Practice’

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Press Ganey today released its 2020 Strategic Insights white paper, From Principles to Practice: Powering Transformation through High Reliability. The special report offers a playbook for transforming care and culture by adopting a holistic understanding of excellence and supporting it by embracing a culture rooted in high reliability principles. Drawing on Press Ganey’s work with more than 41,000 health care facilities and input from 40.6 million patients and 2.4 million physicians, nurses, and employees annually, this paper outlines an approach to sustainable, enterprise-wide excellence that leverages the interdependencies of safety, quality, experience, and workforce engagement by utilizing an integrated data strategy to drive performance at every level in the organization.

“We know there are no shortcuts to transforming care, yet our ability to disrupt our industry and make meaningful, sustained progress is within reach,” said Patrick T. Ryan, Chairman and CEO, Press Ganey. “By adopting a disciplined, enterprise-wide strategy and an operating system that is laser-focused on providing reliably excellent care, organizations can restore the human element of care and make a profound impact on the lives of patients.”

The report guides health care leaders through the creation of a goal hierarchy that clearly aligns with the core values that draw people to work in health care. It offers insights required to build a culture of “systems thinking” that enables sustainable improvement and provides a high-level self-assessment tool to evaluate organizational readiness and progress.

The following are some of the key insights in the white paper.

  • To create a virtuous cycle of improvement that becomes self-reinforcing, organizations must continually assess and address activities and performance related to all domains that support transformation.
  • Achieving holistically excellent care requires an integrated approach to continuous improvement focused on the interdependent, mid-level goals of zero harm, clinical excellence, an optimal patient experience, workforce engagement, and operational efficiency.
  • Adopting an integrated approach means promoting a systemwide understanding of holistic excellence that also includes the safety and experience of clinicians and other personnel.

“The delivery of holistically excellent care should be at the top of every organization’s goal hierarchy,” said Thomas H. Lee, MD, Chief Medical Officer, Press Ganey. “To achieve that ideal state, organizations must address the mid-level goals that drive improvement by adopting a ‘growth mindset’ that is supported by a high reliability operating system and integrated data analytics to assess performance.”

A copy of the 2020 Strategic Insights report, From Principles to Practice: Powering Transformation through High Reliability, is available for download.

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Press Ganey pioneered the health care performance improvement movement 35 years ago. Today Press Ganey offers an integrated suite of solutions that enable enterprise transformation across the patient journey. Delivered through a cutting-edge digital platform built on a foundation of data security, Press Ganey solutions address safety, clinical excellence, patient experience, and workforce engagement. The company works with more than 41,000 health care facilities in its mission to reduce patient suffering and enhance caregiver resilience to improve the overall safety, quality, and experience of care.