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prismCDX Implements Ultivue’s UltiMapper™ Platform for Standardized, Comprehensive Cancer Tissue Phenotypic Characterization

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prismCDX, a highly specialized contract research organization announced today the selection and adoption of the UltiMapper platform to broaden its offering of translational biomedical research services. The addition of Ultivue’s highly standardized multiplex tissue marker assays enables the identification of critical cellular phenotypes and tissue marker signatures in support of translational and clinical research programs.

“The combination of Ultivue’s next generation tissue marker assays with our platforms for genomic and proteomic analysis provides novel biological insights into the characterization of individual tumor microenvironments,” commented Dong-Jun Bae, CEO with prismCDX. “Such complete tumor profiling and characterization data support our mission at prismCDX to partner with biopharma organizations developing targeted, precision medicine therapies and associated companion diagnostic tests.”

Prior to the launch of those expanded capabilities, prismCDX has received scientific personnel training and certification at both Ultivue’s lab in Cambridge, MA and at its company facilities in Seoul, South Korea.

About prismCDX

prismCDX, based on its innovative technology and scientific expertise, aims to provide solutions for the appropriate immunotherapy for individual patients. Recently, anticancer immunotherapy has helped to cure cancer successfully. However, anticancer immunotherapy requires analytical methods to comprehensively understand the complexity of the cellular level in the tumor microenvironment because treatment prognosis may vary depending on cancer, immune cells, biomarkers, and biological environment. prismCDX’s immune monitoring technology will help clinicians better understand the patient’s immune status and apply the right medication to the individual patient. prismCDX is committed to the growth of global healthcare by developing technologies for diagnosis and companion diagnosis with unique technology.

About Ultivue

By developing a single set of novel, proprietary reagents used both for biomarker discovery (higher content, low throughput) and translational use (lower content, high throughput), Ultivue is connecting the insights gained from research directly into the pathology lab. Ultivue’s UltiMapper™ multiplexed assays applied to tissue biopsy samples enable simultaneous quantitation of multiple biomarkers with sub-cellular spatial resolution and fit completely within traditional IHC workflows. Translational and clinical researchers leverage UltiMapper assays to elucidate complex biology and demonstrate their clinical utility as precision medicine research tools. Ultivue is expanding its UltiMapper assay product portfolio and menu of contract research services to provide a comprehensive set of precision medicine solutions for oncology research and focus in other therapeutic areas.

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