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Prodoscore Delivers Sales Productivity on Google Cloud Platform Marketplace

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a workforce productivity optimization company, today announced its
availability on Google Cloud Platform Marketplace (GCP Marketplace),
providing customers with the visibility and actionable intelligence
needed to improve sales productivity across the entire organization.

GCP Marketplace lets users quickly deploy functional software packages
that run on Google Cloud Platform. GCP Marketplace allows customers to
easily start up a familiar software package with services like Compute
Engine or Cloud Storage, with no manual configuration required.

Prodoscore is a cloud-based solution that aggregates and scores data
from email, CRM, and telephony to derive an employee “Prodoscore.” This
simple score can be used to identify effective communications behaviors,
which can then be shared and adapted to increase productivity and

“Our addition to GCP Marketplace is part of a vision to make Prodoscore
readily available and easy to implement,” said Crisantos Hajibrahim,
Prodoscore’s Chief Product Evangelist. “As an ideal complement to G
Suite, Prodoscore can now be easily accessed as part of this
industry-leading set of cloud-based productivity and communication

this video
to see how Prodoscore works.

about the success Prodoscore customers are now achieving.

About Prodoscore

Prodoscore™ is a company dedicated to empowering teams to be more
effective and productive, validated with improved sales performance and
time management metrics. By providing visibility into employee
activities through a single, easy to understand productivity score – a
Prodoscore – can then be calculated to improve workforce productivity.
Prodoscore works seamlessly with Google Cloud apps, CRM systems, and
VOIP calling platforms allowing it to be quickly implemented and
maintained. Learn more at